Environment and Conservation - 2010

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January 6
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

January 13
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

January 15
Research Project Will Explore Using Fish Oil as Fuel

January 18
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

January 21
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

January 26

Media Advisory: Minister Announces New Standards for MMSB’s Green Depots

January 27
MMSB Improves Green Depots to Better Serve Newfoundlanders and Labradorians
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

January 28
Regional Waste Management System Moving Forward for Burin Peninsula

January 29
Hunters Reminded to Follow Hunting Regulations


February 1
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

February 4
Media Advisory: Ministers to Make Important Conservation Announcement

February 5
Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador Commit to Creating New National Park Reserve in the Mealy Mountains, Labrador

February 9
Public Advisory: Lac Virot and Sawbill Lake Zones in Labrador Close for Caribou Hunting

February 10
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

February 11
Extension Granted for Recovery Plans for Two Threatened Species
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Youth and Oceans Conference

February 16
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

February 18
Funding of $86,130 to Support Waste Management Initiatives in Deer Lake

February 19
Alternate Energy Source to Fuel Labrador Hunting and Fishing Lodge
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

February 21
Newfoundland and Labrador Government Calls on Quebec Innu to Respect Conservation Principles


March 3
Public Advisory: Caribou Surveys Get Underway in the Middle Ridge Area

March 4
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

March 12
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

March 19
Media Advisory: Ministers to Announce Amendments Regarding Moose Management
Environmental Assessment Bulletin
Public Advisory: Motorists Warned to be Aware of Caribou in St. Anthony Area

March 22
Changes Announced to Improve Moose Management in the Province
Media Advisory: Ministers to Make Announcement on Remediation of Contaminated Sites

March 23
Budget 2010 to Include $10 Million for Contaminated Sites
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Drinking Water Workshop, Gander

March 24
Province Launches Newfoundland and Labrador Water Resources Portal

March 26
Celebrate the Earth with One Hour of Darkness on March 27
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Drinking Water Workshop
Public Advisory: Public Meeting to Provide Update on Remediation Plans and
Testing in Buchans

March 29
Strengthening the Economy for a Prosperous Future: $1 Billion Slated for Infrastructure Spending in Budget 2010

Environmental Assessment Bulletin

March 30
Enhancements Made to Angling Regulations for 2010 Season


April 1
Province Provides Update on Former Mining Properties in Buchans
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

April 5
Celebration Planned for National Wildlife Week 2010

April 12
2010-11 Hunting and Trapping Guide and Big Game Licence Applications Mailed Out
Media Advisory: Minister to Launch Greening Initiatives for Ruckus on the Edge

April 13
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at NEIA Conference 
Media Advisory: Funding Announcement for T’Railway in Conception Bay South

April 14
Provincial Parks and Reserves Opening for 2010
Funding Announced for Conception Bay South T’Railway
Environmental Assessment Bulletin
Green Heat to Fuel Basilica

April 21
Innovative Technology Will Promote Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices

April 22
Ministerial Statement - Earth Day 2010 Celebrated Today

April 23
Governments Work Together to Address Climate Change

April 27
2010 Household Hazardous Waste Program Gets Underway
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

April 29
Management Plan Released for the Gray-cheeked Thrush

April 30
Newfoundland and Labrador Celebrates Compost Awareness Week


May 4
Organic Garden to Help People Return to Their Roots
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

May 11
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

May 14
Reminder of the Deadline for Big Game Licence Applications

May 18
Environmental Assessment Bulletin
Ministerial Statement - Partnership Enhances Awareness of Climate Change and Air Quality
Media Advisory: Funding Announcement for City of Mount Pearl Recreation Facilities

May 19
Recreation Goes Green in Mount Pearl

May 20
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

May 26
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

May 28
Media Advisory: Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Awards to be Presented

May 31
Update on 2010 Big Game Licence Quotas on Island
Environment Week Presents Opportunities to Get to Half
Media Advisory: Arbor Day Tree Planting
Government Launches a Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Discussion Paper
Ministerial Statement - Environmental Leaders Recognized During Environment Week



June 1
Media Advisory: Event Rescheduled
Media Advisory: Minister to Announce Funding for Ever Green Environmental Corporation
Arbor Day Celebrated in Newfoundland and Labrador

June 2
Wildlife Encounters Encouraged as Salmonier Nature Park Reopens
Wine Bottle Recovery and Reuse Effort First of its Kind in North America
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 8
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 10
2010 Big Game Licence Draw Concluded

June 15
Media Advisory: Atlantic Ministers of the Environment Meet in Fredericton
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 16
Atlantic Environment Ministers Hold Regional Discussions
Ministerial Statement - Moose Licences for Charities Increased This Season

June 22
Innovative Solutions Help Buses Green Up
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 23
Ministerial Statement - Contract Awarded for Buchans Remediation

June 24
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at 2010 Gift to Canadians Event

June 25
The Nature Conservancy of Canada Secures Important Natural Area in Newfoundland and Labrador

June 28
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 30
Funding Announced for Burin Peninsula Waste Management Initiatives


July 2
Media Advisory: Minister to Make Funding Announcement in Arnold’s Cove

July 5
Investment Helps Local Company Go Green by Reusing Waste Heat

July 7
Media Advisory: Minister to Announce Funding for Innovative Research Project
Input Being Sought On Coastal and Oceans Management Strategy
Funding Announced for Research to Reuse Ash at Corner Brook Pulp and Paper
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

July 13
Media Advisory: Coastal Stewardship Agreement to be Signed in Labrador
Coastal Stewardship Agreement Signed in Cartwright

July 14
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

July 16
Bay Bulls Company to Utilize Shrimp Shell Waste for New Products

July 19

Looking to Park Your Plane? Float Plane Hangar Lots for Sale
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

July 22
Green Depot Pilot Project to Help Streamline Recycling Efforts

July 27
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

July 28
Coastal Stewardship Agreement Signed in Burgeo

July 29
Bridges Reopen in T’Railway Provincial Park

July 30
Funding Announced for Bonavista Regional Waste Management Committee



August 5
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

August 9
George River Caribou Hunting Season Delayed in Labrador

August 12
Research Underway for Reusable Plastic Fish Packaging Liner

August 16
Recreational Cottage Lots Available at Big Cook’s Pond, Western Newfoundland

August 17
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

August 20
YMCA-YWCA Goes Green in St. John’s

August 24
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

August 26
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

August 31
Media Advisory: Minister Announces Funding for Research Partnership



September 1
Waste Management Research Fund Established With $300,000 in Funding

September 3
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

September 9
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

September 10
Hunting Season for Big Game Opens in Newfoundland and Labrador

September 13
Students Take to the Outdoors for Parks as Nature’s Classroom Program

September 14
Public Meetings to be Held on Burin Peninsula to Discuss Establishment of Ecological Reserve

September 16
Winner Announced for the 2010 Youth Hunting and Fishing Exchange Program

September 17
Recovery Plan Released for American Marten

September 21
Public Advisory: Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve Closed

September 23
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

September 29
Public Advisory: T’Railway Provincial Park From Millertown Junction to Goobies Closed to Public
Public Advisory: Safety Advice for Residents Dealing With Well Water Flooding and Oil Tank Leaks Resulting From Hurricane Igor
Environmental Assessment Bulletin



October 1
Rare Plants Added Under Province’s Endangered Species Act
Public Advisory: Big Game Hunting Season Opens on Eastern Portion of the Island

October 4
Deadline Extended for Changes to Heating Oil Storage Tanks

October 5
Public Advisory: T’Railway Provincial Park from Goobies to Long Harbour Road Closed

October 12
Consultations Taking Place on George River Caribou

October 13
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

October 15
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

October 18
Occupancy Rates Increase in Provincial Parks During 2010 Season

October 19
Media Advisory: Minister and MMSB to Launch Recycle My Cell Challenge at Mount Pearl Senior High
School Challenge Launched - Recycle My Cell
Media Advisory: Environment Ministers to Meet in St. John’s

October 20
Used Beverage Container Recycling Program Reports Record High Results and Reduces Carbon Footprint
Ministers Move Forward with New Approach on Air Quality

October 22
Campaign Launched to Profile Waste Reduction Heroes
Minister Questions NDP Leader’s Change of Perspective on Use of Tailings Ponds

October 26
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

October 28
Environmental Assessment Bulletin



November 4
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

November 9
Conservation Measures Announced for George River Caribou

November 10
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

November 12
Public Advisory: Open Zones for Caribou Hunting in Labrador

November 15
Provincial Paint Recycling Program to be Established

November 17
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

November 19
Media Advisory: Minister to Help Launch Naturalization Project at St. Matthew’s Elementary

November 22
Media Advisory: Launch of Naturalization Project at St. Matthew’s Elementary Cancelled

November 23
Public Advisory: Seal Lake Zone in Labrador Open for Caribou Hunting

November 24
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

November 25
Media Advisory: Ministers Available to Media

November 26
Public Advisory: Orma North Hunting Zone in Labrador Open for Caribou Hunt

November 29
Province to Share Water Resources Expertise with Jordan
Environmental Assessment Bulletin



December 1
Public Advisory: T’Railway Provincial Park from Millertown Junction to Long Harbour Road Remains Closed

December 9
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

December 10
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

December 13
Ministerial Statement - Areas of Concern in Buchans Successfully Remediated

December 15
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

December 22
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

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