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Works, Services and Transportation - 1997

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January 10
Life safety upgrading contract for West Viking College awarded

January 21
Contract awarded for work at Clarke's Bridge, Benoit's Cove

January 24
Minister responds to Change Islands request

January 27
Marine Atlantic high winds disrupt Newfoundland ferry schedule

January 28
Change Islands residents resume ferry protest

January 30
Marine Atlantic - Weather forces revised gulf ferry schedule


February 3
Marine Atlantic - Ferry space readily available for Cabot 500 summer

February 19
Government recommends inspection of open web steel joists

February 26
Contract awarded for building envelop extension, James Paton Memorial Hospital, Gander


March 4
Contract awarded for road work Bonavista and Trinity

March 10
New information regarding "open web steel joists"
Clarification regarding information on open web steel joists

March 21
Section of Trans Labrador Highway Scheduled to close to heavy traffic


April 3
Minister comments on Marine Services Agreement

April 10
Canada and Newfoundland governments announce highway initiatives for 1997/98

April 11
Province announces highway construction program for 1997/98

April 14
Marine Atlantic - Ferries change schedule to prepare for busy summer

April 16
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to hold news conference, April 17, St. John's Subject: Federal- provincial employment initiative for persons with disabilities.

April 17
Federal - provincial government announce JEEPS Project


May 12
Ministerial Statement - Air Ambulance Services in the province
Contract for construction of overpass at intersection of Outer Ridge Road and Donovan's Access
Contract for construction of bridge downstream of Cape Broyle Spillway
Contract for paving 1.1 km of TCH from Notre Dame Junction towards Norris Arm

May 16
Ministerial Statement - Highway maintenance and snow clearing on Avalon Peninsula
New direction for provision of highway maintenance operations
Contract for construction of Outer Ring Road overpass
Contract for upgrade of TCH between Baie Verte and Springdale intersection

May 22
Marine Atlantic - Gulf ferry fleet completes safety certification process

May 23
St. Barbe - Blanc Sablon Ferry Service
Contract for overpass at Allandale Road interchange and Outer Ring Road
Contract for upgrading and paving 15 km of Route 80 - Heart's Delight towards Green's Harbour
Contract to replace CNR overpass

May 26
Contract for upgrading TCH east of Grand Falls - Windsor
Contract for paving TCH from Port aux Basques scalehouse toward Bear Cove Brook
Contract for upgrade and paving two sections of Route 360
Signing Agreement - Provision of highway maintenance operations

May 27
St. Barbe - Blanc Sablon ferry service

May 28
Contract for upgrading Route 210 Terrenceville Intersection to Long Pond Brook
Contract for upgrading and paving Route 235 from Open Hall Intersection to Kings Cove Intersection
Contract for construction of a concrete rigid frame structure at Dunns Hill Road, CBS By-Pass
Contract for resurfacing Route 440 from Irishtown to Summerside and Route 450 from Corner Brook to Mount Moriah

May 30
Marine Atlantic - Cabot wordmark adorns gulf ferries


June 3
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, June 4, Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Trans Labrador Highway

June 4
Contracts awarded for sections of Trans Labrador Highway
Marine Atlantic - Labrador Coastal Service Reopening Soon

June 17
Contract awarded for new school at Hopedale

June 19
Marine Atlantic - Gulf Ferry service begins summer schedule
St. Barbe - Blanc Sablon ferry service

June 23
Contract awarded for site development of Melville Regional Health Care Centre

June 26
Minister reports on transportation meetings in Toronto


July 3
Marine Atlantic - Freight acceptance begins for Northern Labrador

July 4
Contract for road work on Route 40, Portugal Cove Road and in Pouch Cove
Contract for road work on Route 210 and Route 220

July 8
Contract awarded for upgrading and paving Salmonier Line
Contract awarded for open web steel joist remediation of St. Anthony Elementary; Harriot Curtis Collegiate, St. Anthony
Contract awarded for paving of Mings Bright Road

July 9
Contract for roadwork, Plum Point to Bird Cove
Contract for hydroseeding along TCH, Holyrood Interchange to Triangular Pond
Contract for roadwork, Boyd's Cove towards Summerford

July 14
Marine Atlantic - Goose Bay service delayed by mechanical trouble

July 16
Marine Atlantic - Sir Robert Bond resumes service
Contract awarded for upgrading of TLH from Bob's Brook to Cache River

July 17
Contract for supply and installation of a prefabricated steel bridge and concrete foundations at Eason's Road, Conception Bay South

July 18
Contract for upgrading and paving Wreck Cove Road and Conne River Road
Contract for hydroseeding portions of TCH from Steady Brook to Rapid Pond and Stephenville Interchange at Route 490
Contract for construction of a steel girder bridge at West Brook, Route 432
Contract for recapping main road through Twillingate
Contract for paving and recapping at various locations on the Port au Port Peninsula
Contract for paving in St. Anthony

July 22
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to hold media briefing, July 22, St. John's
Government announces alternate arrangements for St. Barbe - Blanc Sablon ferry service

July 24
Contract to recap Route 430 from Deer Lake to Gros Morne Park boundary
Contract for roadwork R336, Change Islands
Contract for construction of prestressed single span bridge at North Branch River

July 25
$1 million highway maintenance and safety program
Contract for paving on Fogo Island
Contract for upgrading and paving of Flambro Head towards Old Perlican, Route 70
Contract for paving of Pleasantview Road, Route 350-17
Brush clearing program for Bay of Islands

July 29
Brush clearing program for Humber West
Contract for extension to Shoal Harbour River Bridge and Dark Hole Brook Bridge, Route 1
Contract for construction of a reinforced concrete retaining wall and associated work, Route 60
Contract for paving the Conception Bay South by pass

July 30
Contract for emergency repairs for St. Barbe Ferry terminal
Contract for paving Route 70, Conception Bay North By-pass
Contract for Construction Package #2, Foundations, Melville Health Care Centre
Minister issues statement regarding recent explosion and fire at St. Barbe


August 4
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to meet with federal counterpart, August 7

August 5
Contract for rehabilitation of Port Hope Simpson Airstrip

August 8
Minister meets with federal counterpart in Ottawa

August 12
Contract for construction of Salt dome at Cold Brook, near Stephenville

August 14
SGE Group Inc. awarded contract to study operational requirements for Labrador coastal service

August 15
Marine Atlantic - Ferry traffic remains strong


September 9
First contract awarded for new Janeway Children's Health and Rehabilitation Centre

September 17
Marine Atlantic - Summer ferry traffic shows strong growth

September 26
Contract for maintenance of roads and bridges in western Labrador

September 29
Marine Atlantic - Ferry subsidy requirement down by over $25 million


October 3
Marine Atlantic - Ferry operators elect new executive

October 6
Contract awarded for extension and renovations to Centreville Academy, Clarenville
Contract awarded for upgrading and resurfacing R320 from Traverse Brook towards Trinity including James Paton Memorial Hospital, Gander
Contract awarded to repair washouts at four locations on R360, Bay d'Espoir Highway
Contract awarded for extension and renovations to Jane Collins Academy, Hare Bay

October 9
Contract awarded for rehabilitation of concrete piers at Bay d'Espoir Causeway Bridge, R361
Contract awarded for work at South River, R70 - Clarke's Beach

October 15
Marine Atlantic - 1997 closing dates set for Labrador shipping season
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to hold news conference October 16, 10:30 a.m

October 16
Current issues discussed at news conference (October 16) by Lloyd Matthews
Mid-year report issued (October 16) by Lloyd Matthews
NOTE TO EDITORS - lists in respect to release 1 and 2 are available

October 21
Contract for repairs to St. Barbe Ferry Terminal

October 23
Contract for paving local roads in Boyd's Cove area

October 31
Contract to construct office and storage space, Building #86, Happy Valley-Goose Bay


November 13
Contract announced to replace ferry terminal building, Fogo Island

November 18
Contract for site preparation at Harbour Breton Health Care Centre

November 19
Ministerial Statement - Operation of blind trusts
Contract for site development and repairs to J.R. Smallwood monument

November 24
Contract for site development, White Bay District School, Pollard's Point


December 2
Ministerial Statement - Early tenders for projects funded under Labrador Transportation Initiative Fund

December 9
Ministerial Statement - Future provision of passenger and freight service to coastal Labrador

December 17
Ministerial Statement - PTA Consultation Process

December 19
Provincial Road Reports available via Internet

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