Executive Council
- 2006
January, February, March, April, May, June,
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January 3
Premier calls upon federal leaders to respond to letter on Newfoundland and Labrador issues

January 5
Government taking stock of economic growth initiatives

Premier announces executive appointments

January 16
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier releases responses received from federal parties

January 17
Premier receives letter from Martin outlining position on provincial issues

Premier expresses his condolences on the passing of former MHA Dr. Ray Winsor

January 19
Violence Awareness and Action Training in Labrador

January 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: News Conference, Subject: Lower Churchill hydro resource

Province directs Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro to apply for transmission access with Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie

January 24
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media

January 25
Premier to focus on ocean technology, oil and gas industries in New England

January  26
Minister welcomes Nunatsiavut Status of Women Minister

January 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Rideout to address Combined Councils of Labrador

Province formalizes government, business and academic relationships in New England

January 30
Premier announces date for Placentia & St. Mary’s by-election

January 31
Government re-affirms commitment to accountability in response to Auditor General's Report


February 1
February is Violence Prevention Month

NOTE TO EDITORS: Confederation Building and all provincial government departments closing at 3 p.m.

February 2
Premier Williams to meet with colleagues on COF Committee on Energy

February 3
Minister invites women to express interest in Provincial Advisory Council on Status of Women

February 7
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to hold news conference

Company, town reach agreement in principle to operate Harbour Breton plant

February 9
Company to explore feasibility of second refinery for the province

February 10
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier Williams attends school Olympics celebration

Spouses of deceased workers to receive retroactive benefits

February 15
New agreement reached with physicians

NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier and Cabinet to hold meetings in Corner Brook, February 16-17

February 16
Minister provides update on recruitment process for PACSW

February 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media, Corner Brook

Cabinet meetings productive

February 20
Minister proclaims Women’s Institute Week

February 21
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media

February 22
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Historic meeting for Status of Women ministers

February 23
Historic meeting for Status of Women Ministers

New Chief Electoral Officer, Commissioner of Members’ Interests
Newfoundland and Labrador well represented at National Stakeholder Summit on Postsecondary Education and Skills
Executive appointments announced

February 24
Gushue rink brings home the gold

February 28
Premier concludes several key meetings in Washington, DC

Province to shine as host of annual summer meeting of Council of the Federation    (Version française)


March 1
Lieutenant Governor to present Governor General's Caring Canadian Award

Premier invites Sir Paul McCartney to meet to discuss Newfoundland and Labrador perspective of seal harvest

March 2
Ministers announce provinces first conference for Aboriginal women

March 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media following Larry King Live interview
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier will congratulate our Olympic Gold medalists

March 6
Minister proclaims International Women’s Week

Minister announces new President and Board of Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women
NOTE TO EDITORS: Cabinet to meet with Team Gushue
Province bestows honours on Team Gushue

March 9
Agreement reached with the province’s teachers

NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to comment on teachers’ agreement and pension plans
Copy of letter sent from Premier Williams to the IFAW
NOTE TO EDITORS: Aboriginal Women’s Conference in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

March 10
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier Williams to open Labrador Winter Games

March 13
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to announce capital initiatives for Labrador

Major capital investments in the works for Labrador as part of upcoming budget

March 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: Swearing-in ceremony

Premier announces new Cabinet appointments and welcomes Felix Collins into Caucus

March 15
Issues of importance discussed at first ever province-wide Aboriginal women’s conference

March 16
NOTE TO EDITORS: Budget Day set for March 30

March 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to announce investment in public health emergency planning

Government adopts integrated approach in preparing for health emergencies including pandemic influenza

March 22
Speech from the Throne

March 23
Ministerial Statement - Ex Gratia payment of $24 million

March 24
NOTE TO EDITORS: Budget 2006 lock-in
NOTE TO EDITORS: Launch of provincial innovation blueprint

March 27
New strategy designed to build culture of innovation in province

NOTE TO EDITORS: Confederation Building closing
NOTE TO EDITORS: Launch of strategic cultural plan

March 28
Government invests in promotion and preservation of province’s culture

March 29
National Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor declines transfer of Goose Bay Airfield

March 30
The Right Choices: NL – The Place to Do Business - Budget 2006 Opens the Door to Business, Industry Development

The Right Choices: Growing the Economy; Investing in Infrastructure - $2 Billion Planned for Infrastructure over Six Years
The Right Choices: Unleashing Innovation - Budget 2006 Unleashes Innovation and Positions Province for Competitive Edge
The Right Choices: Safe and Secure Communities

March 31
NOTE TO EDITORS: Finance Minister to address St. John’s Board of Trade

Premier expresses government’s extreme disappointment with Costco decision


April 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier and Minister of Natural Resources available to the media
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister unveils details of unprecedented $1.25 million for violence prevention

April 4
New action plan for lasting impact on incidence of violence in province

Premier Williams praises Premier Klein as a colleague and friend

April 11
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to attend meetings

April 12
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Burke to speak to women in medicine

April 17
Premier saddened at passing of former MHA

April 26
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Burke to address Women at Work Luncheon

April 27
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media, April 27

NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to make health care announcement in St. Anthony

April 28
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to address Chamber of Commerce

St. Anthony site for new Selfcare/Telecare Nurse Contact Centre


May 2
Ministerial Statement - Child Find Newfoundland and Labrador

May 4
Executive appointments announced

May 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to address the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade

May 8
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conferences to provide update on status of Lower Churchill Project
Newfoundland and Labrador will lead Lower Churchill development

May 10
Premier Williams to attend Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG-ECP)

May 12
CEO appointment confirmed

May 15
Premier pleased with progress made at 30th Annual New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers conference in Rhode Island

Ministerial Statement - Office of French Services

May 17
Ministerial Statement - Clerk of the House of Assembly to retire

May 18
Acting minister appointed for INTRD

May 19
Premier Williams encourages Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to apply for the Council of the Federation Youth Internship

May 22
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier’s meeting on Newfoundland and Labrador fishery

May 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Second Annual Premier’s Athletic Awards reception; Team Gushue Scholarship Award to be announced

Premier celebrates province’s young athlete at awards ceremony

May 24
Premier’s meeting with fishery stakeholders explores new direction for future

May 25
Ministerial Statement - Premier pays tribute to the Member for Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi

May 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Public Service Award of Excellence to be presented

Premier Williams encourages nominees for the Council of the Federation Literacy Awards

May 30
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to attend Provincial Francophone Day Celebrations

Minister participates in Provincial Francophone Day celebrations  (Version française)
Public Service Award of Excellence recipients honoured

May 31
Premier reports progress on issues since meeting of fishing industry stakeholders


June 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to the media

June 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Whalen to host Girl Guide’s Chief Commissioner’s Gold Awards

NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to make presentation to France and Flanders 2006 Pilgrimage Committee

June 9
Province to fund Royal Newfoundland Regiment to travel to Beaumont Hamel

June 12
Provincial Government Proclaims June 11-17 as Public Service Week

June 13
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier and Minister available to media

June 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: Council of the Federation meets in St. John’s, July 26-28, 2 - Media accreditation required       (Version française)

NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier Williams invites fellow Premiers and National Aboriginal Leaders to meet in Corner Brook    (Version française)

June 15 
Government recognizes first World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 
Minister congratulates Iris Kirby House on 25 years 

June 21
Deadlines approaching for the Council of the Federation Meets in Newfoundland & Labrador

Premier requests resignation of Cabinet minister

June 22
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to attend reception

June 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier and Innu President talk on Lower Churchill
IGA Minister meets federal ministers

June 26
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to discuss steps to strengthen rules governing the House of Assembly
Premier reconfirms government’s commitment to strengthen rules governing House of Assembly

June 27 
Premier to participate in Beaumont Hamel ceremonies 

June 28 
NOTE TO EDITORS: E-mail service and access to government’s web site at the Confederation Building complex are temporarily disrupted.
Government announces framework to assist plant workers and regions impacted by fish plant closures 
Province apologizes for Chinese Head Tax 

June 30 
Premier Williams to lay wreath at Beaumont Hamel
NOTE TO EDITOR: Minister to participate in 90th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme at Beaumont Hamel ceremony, July 1, Ottawa


July 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: Swearing-in ceremony, July 5 
Premier announces changes to Cabinet 

July 6 
Premier to officially greet The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada 
Premier urges federal government to carefully review merger of INCO

July 7 
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Sullivan to discuss negotiations with Newfoundland and Labrador Nurses’ Union

July 12
ExxonMobil reneges on commitment to allow province to audit company’s books on Hibernia

NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media

July 13
Minister to meet with status of women and violence prevention groups in central

Premier extends condolences to families and friends

July 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to speak at NLOWE luncheon in Grand Falls-Windsor

July 17
NOTE TO EDITORS - Ribbon-cutting ceremony for TOWER Software

TRIM Centre of Excellence officially opens

July 19
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to attend opening ceremonies of Corner Brook Day Celebrations

Province to host Canadian premiers next week    (Version française)

July 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premiers Williams and McGuinty available to media

July 21
NOTE TO EDITORS: Final details for Council of the Federation meeting in St. John’s (Version française)

NOTE TO EDITORS: Final details for premiers’ meeting with national Aboriginal leaders in Corner Brook
Terms of Reference for MHA compensation package released

July 24
Premier appoints new Government House Leader 

July 25 
Corporate partner participation at the Council of Federation Conference a success

July 28
Next Council of the Federation Meeting to be Held in New Brunswick in 2007    (Version française)

Territorial Formula Financing    (Version française)
Council of the Federation Communique    (Version française)
Council of the Federation Announces Literacy Award Winners for 2006    (Version française)


August 1
NOTE TO EDITORS - Provincial e-mail system was inactive earlier today

August 2
Premier pays tribute to Innu Nation President Ben Michel

August 4
Minister to discuss child care and challenges for women on Northern Peninsula
Premier honours the sacrifice of Sgt. Vaughan Ingram and colleagues

August 7
The Path to the Good Life report on the Aboriginal women’s conference released

August 9
Projects target violence prevention for Aboriginal communities

August 11
Minister's meetings with women on the Burin Peninsula a success

August 14
Premier Williams and Minister Hearn encouraged with progress of committee work on fishery issues

August 16
Minister attends violence prevention meetings in Clarenville

August 21
Agreement reached between government and Association of Allied Health Professionals

August 28
Premier visiting Iceland and Norway to discuss best practices in fishery and energy related industries

August 29
Minister to speak at national family violence reception


September 4
Premier Williams expresses condolences upon the death of Newfoundland and Labrador soldier

September 5
Premier says great lessons to be learned from Iceland and Norway

September 7
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to read to children as part of International Literacy Day

September 8
Minister congratulates Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation

September 11
Minister Burke declares September 11-15 Sexual Violence Awareness Week

NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media

September 14
Final Harris Report confirms federal presence trends in province

September 14
Minister John Ottenheimer to serve as acting Minister of Municipal Affairs

September 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier and minister support Craig Sharpe at Canadian Idol finale

September 27
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier available to media

Deputy minister appointed
Provincial Cabinet to hold meetings in Churchill Falls

September 28
Government approves sale of Harbour Breton plant to Barry Group



October 2
Premier expresses his condolences at the passing of Supreme Court Justice John Mahoney
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to unveil new Provincial Government Brand

October 3
Creative, Resilient and Inventive: New Brand Embodies Essence of Newfoundland and Labrador

October 4
Premier Expresses Condolences to Family of Newfoundland and Labrador Soldier

October 5
Media Advisory: Premier to Turn Sod for New Provincial Addictions Treatment Centre

October 6
Premier Turns Sod for New Provincial Addictions Treatment Centre

October 7
Premier Expresses Condolences Upon the Passing of Craig Dobbin

October 10
Media Advisory: Premier Williams to Announce By-election Date

Premier Williams Announces Date for Signal Hill - Quidi Vidi By-election

October 13
Aboriginal Women Celebrate Women’s History Month

Newfoundland and Labrador Continues to Grow as an Energy Warehouse

October 16
Initiative Ensures Accessibility to and Protection of Government Records

October 17
National Person's Day Emphasizes Need for Federal Government to Rethink Funding Cuts

October 19
Media Advisory: Premier Williams to Attend Duke of Edinburgh C.O.S.T.A Awards

Media Advisory: Government to Provide Update on Fishing Industry Renewal Process

October 20
Governments Take Next Steps Toward Fishing Industry Renewal in Newfoundland and Labrador

October 23
Government Reaches Tentative Agreement with Nurses

October 24
New Citizens’ Representative to Be Appointed

October 25
Premier Welcomes Delegates to Oceans Innovation 2006 Conference

October 27
Premier Announces Senior Appointments

October 31
Government Encourages Participation in Remembrance Ceremonies


November 1
Media Advisory: Premier Williams to Participate in Today’s Fly the Flag of Remembrance Ceremony

Minister Commends Federal Government on Decision Regarding Employment Equity Office

November 7
Minister Congratulates Students for Remembering Our Troops During Veterans Week

November 10
Contributions of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians Honoured During Veterans Week

November 16
Media Advisory: Official Opening of Grand Falls-Windsor Cancer Centre

November 17
Grand Falls-Windsor Cancer Centre Officially Opened

November 20
Women’s History Month Writing Contest Winner Selected

Ministerial Statement - National Addictions Awareness Week
Ministerial Statement - Violence Prevention Initiative

November 21
Municipal Affairs Minister Resumes Duties

November 23
Media Advisory:  Second Aboriginal Women’s Conference
Summer Meeting of Council of the Federation Provides Economic Benefit to Newfoundland and Labrador

November 24
Aboriginal Women Join Forces for Second Provincial Conference

Order of Newfoundland and Labrador Recipients to be Invested on December 8

November 27
Media Advisory: Premier to Speak at Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Media Advisory: Premier to Attend National Working Meeting on Aboriginal Health

November 28
Premier Thanks Ed Byrne for Public Service

November 30
Media Advisory: 13th Session of Council of Atlantic Premiers    (Version française)



December 1
Media Advisory: News Conference to Update Lower Churchill Project Planning

Environmental Assessment Process Initiated for Lower Churchill Project

December 5
Premier Williams to Welcome Atlantic Premiers to Newfoundland and Labrador

December 6
Media Advisory: Order of Newfoundland and Labrador Investiture Ceremony
Ministerial Statement - Minister Marks National Day of Remembrance and Action

Council of Atlantic Premiers Meeting     (Version française)

December 8
Order of Newfoundland and Labrador Members Inducted at Government House

December 13
Premier Encourages Applicants for Athletic Awards

December 15
Transparency and Accountability Act Proclaimed

Premier Announces Senior Appointments

December 18
Media Advisory: Premier and Minister of Finance Available to Media

December 19
Premier Calls on Opposition to Act Responsibly and with Integrity

December 29
Media Advisory: Premier Available to Media

Premier Thanks Minister Sullivan for Years of Dedicated Service
Premier Announces Changes to Cabinet

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