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Works, Services and Transportation - 1998

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January 7
Federal and provincial governments announce highway initiatives for 1998/99

January 8
Banner year for road construction

January 16
Agreement for access to the intra-Quebec dump truck market

January 29
Contract for extension to Carbonear Collegiate
Contract for upgrading the Trans Labrador Highway

January 30
Minister of Works, Services and Transportation addresses Combined Councils of Labrador


February 4
Contract awarded for work on the Janeway Children's Health and Rehabilitation Centre

February 5
Drivers cautioned

February 11
Provincial government appointment to Regional Airport Authority - Deer Lake

February 23
Media briefing on review process of Public Tender Act, February 24

February 24
Consultation Paper on Public Tender Act



March 9
NOTE TO EDITORS - Consultation session on the Public Tender Act for St. John's

March 12
Contract for work on TCH from Gould Brook to Triangular Pond

March 17
Minister comments on Goulds Bypass Road

March 19
Contract awarded for concrete slab structure at Green's Harbour
Contract awarded for paving from Twillick Brook to Conne Pond
Contract awarded for replacement of Gambo CN Overpass and frost bumps on TCH near Benton

March 24
Ministerial Statement - Labrador Marine Service

March 25
Contract awarded for treatment and disposal of biomedical waste
Ministerial Statement - Provincial aircraft contracted to North Carolina

March 26
Infrastructure development, improved service focus of WST budget

March 31
Ministerial Statement - Public Tender Act


April 2
Operator for Labrador Marine Services

April 8
Minister comments on decision regarding Marine Atlantic headquarters

April 9
Road reports ended for season

April 15
Contract for work on Trans Labrador Highway, km 220-262
Contract  for work at Grand Falls Academy Primary School

April 23
Contract for work on TCH at First Avenue, Pasadena
Contract for work on TCH from Little Rapids to Pasadena


May 1
Contract for work on extension and renovations, R.T Harvey Elementary, Baie Verte
Contract for work on reconstruction of Bonavista Highway from Lethbridge toward Southern Bay
Contract  for installation of sprinkler system,   Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's

May 4
Contract  for elevator installation and maintenance at Janeway

May 5
Contract for work on upgrading of St. Clare's Hospital
Contract for repairs to Lloyds River Bridge, South Branch Bridge, and Riverside Drive Underpass

May 7
Contract for dredging at ferry terminals, Man O'War Cove, Farewell and  Change Islands
Contract for upgrading of Cook's Harbour Road
Contract for heating ventilation, Burin Campus, College of the North Atlantic

May 12
Highway maintenance contracts awarded
Five contracts awarded for Outer Ring Road

May 14
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, May 14,  Happy Valley - Goose Bay and news conference and information session, May 15, Labrador city, regarding Trans Labrador Highway. May 15 Ceremony marking placement of first steel at Lake Melville Regional Health Care Centre
Ministerial Statement - Contracts awarded for work on Trans Labrador Highway

May 19
Minister comments on federal ice breaking fees

May 20
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference regarding proposed changes to Public Tender, Confederation Building, May 21

May 21
Minister introduces changes to Public Tender Act
Ministerial Statement - Changes to Public Tender Act


June 2
Ministerial Statement - Transportation Week 1998

June 4
Ministerial Statement - Janeway Redevelopment

June 6
Revised schedule of ferry services in the event of strike by marine services workers

June 9
Marine Atlantic - Illegal work stoppage disrupts ferry service

June 10
Marine Atlantic - Ferry service returning to normal

June 11
Contract awarded for rehabilitation of Southwest Brook Bridge
Contract awarded to upgrade and pave sections of Port Kirwan Road, Fermeuse, Southern Shore

June 18
NOTE TO EDITORS - Ceremony to rename Fogo Island/Change Island ferry, St. John's waterfront, June 23
Province, NAV Canada discuss concerns

June 19
Contract awarded for renovations to Arts and Culture Centre, Corner Brook

June 23
Fogo Island/Change Islands ferry named after Captain Winsor

June 26
Marine Atlantic - Ferry service settlement welcomed

June 29
Marine Atlantic - Ferry service celebrating centennial

June 30
Contract for site improvements, Sir Richard Squires Building


July 16
Contract for rehabilitation of Ballam Bridge (Lower Humber) R440 and repairs to Minnesota Drive Overpass, Stephenville

July 17
Contract for hydroseeding Conception Bay South By-Pass Road form Fowlers Road to Foxtrap Access Road
Contract for construction of Conception Bay South By-Pass Road from Tilleys Road to Legion Road
Contract for rehabilitation and widening of South Brook Halls Bay, rehabilitation of West Bottom Brook, Badger Brook and Woolfreys Pond Bridge
Contract to supply and install windows, Government House, St. John's
Revised schedule for the Bell Island - Portugal Cove Ferry Service

July 20
Hospital redevelopment contracts awarded
NOTE TO EDITORS - Site visit, Outer Ring Road construction, July 22, 10 a.m.

July 21
Improvements for Trans Canada Highway at Whitbourne

July 28
Road construction projects announced for Northern Peninsula
Consultants announced for health care/school facilities, Northern Peninsula and Western Newfoundland
Schools on Northern Peninsula to undergo roof repair/replacement
Contract for medical gas systems, Janeway

July 31
$2 million in road construction to be tendered on west coast


August 4
Contract awarded for Paton Hospital Project
Contract for mechanical and electrical life safety/security upgrading, Youth Centres, Whitbourne and Pleasantville

August 11
Marine Atlantic - Ferry service settlement ratified

August 13
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, August 14, Confederation Building, Subject: Funding for road construction projects

August 14
Construction of Goulds Bypass Road/additional road construction projects announced

August 21
MV Captain Winsor begins service

August 27
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, today, August 27, Confederation Building, Subject: Inter-Canadian's take over of operations from Air Atlantic
Minister receives assurances from Inter-Canadien


September 11
Information session scheduled for Pippy Park Boundary Review

September 15
Major road repairs complete in Baie Verte peninsula
CBS Bypass Road Open to Traffic


October 9
Marine Atlantic reports traffic increase

October 15
Environmental assessment to be carried out on old General Hospital


November 10
Funding for sanitary sewer extension in Stephenville

November 23
NOTE TO EDITORS - Official opening of Outer Ring Road, November 25

November 25
Outer Ring Road officially opens
Ministerial Statement- Outer Ring Road official opening


December 1
Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, December 3

December 3
Ministerial Statement - Christmas tree-lighting ceremony

December 4
Clearing contract awarded

December 7
Ministerial Statement - Information on road conditions

December 14
Ministerial Statement - Transfer of St. John's airport to St. John's International Airport Authority

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