July 21, 1998
(Works, Services and Transportation)

Improvements announced for upgrading TCH at Whitbourne

Works, Services and Transportation Minister Lloyd Matthews, today announced plans for upgrading the Trans Canada Highway at Whitbourne. "We remain committed to making improvements to the highway at Whitbourne, taking into account the concerns of local business," said Minister Matthews.

"The improvements will include construction of a four lane divided highway to a point just east of Whitbourne. New exit ramps for Routes 80 and 81 will be constructed, along with a new interchange complete with an overpass, east of the existing intersection," announced the minister. "As well, some changes will be made to the current highway route for a total expenditure of approximately $3.6 million in highway improvements for the area."

There will not be a four lane divided highway bypassing the current route. "Businesses along the current highway route rely on highway traffic for about 70 per cent of their volume," said Mr. Matthews. "While we felt it was necessary to make improvements to the Trans Canada Highway in the area, we also recognized the impact that a new highway route would have on area businesses."

Minister Matthews added, "We've studied this issue with great detail in the past. We've heard representation from various businesses in the service industry, from transportation groups and from the public generally. We are now anxious to get on with making these improvements to the Trans Canada Highway. We anticipate work to begin during the next construction season."

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1998 07 21 11:10 a.m.


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