May 12, 1998
(Works, Services and Transportation)

Five Contracts Awarded for Outer Ring Road

Works, Services and Transportation Minister Lloyd Matthews today announced that five contracts valued at more than $12.3 million have been awarded for Outer Ring Road construction. This combined with carry-over projects will bring the total expenditure on this road in 1998/99 to $14.5 million.

Mr. Matthews said: "When complete, the Outer Ring Road will improve the highway system for commuters in and around the St. John's region. The new road will help alleviate traffic congestion in busy areas such as Kenmount Road and the Prince Philip Parkway."

Municipal Construction of Mount Pearl was awarded a contract valued at $5,765,340 for paving approximately 8.8 kilometres of the Outer Ring Road, from the Trans Canada Highway to the Bifurcation Interchange (the connector from Kenmount Road to the Outer Ring Road).

Pyramid Construction of St. John's was awarded two contracts valued at a total of $3,556,863 for paving 3.3 kilometres of the Outer Ring Road from the Bifurcation Interchange to the Allandale Road Interchange and construction of Groves Road Overpass.

Trident Construction Ltd., of St. John's was awarded two contracts valued at $3,069,471 to construct overpasses on the Outer Ring Road, at Thorburn Road and at the Bifurcation Interchange.

Mr. Matthews said: "All projects are to be completed by the end of October. This should allow us to have traffic on the section of the Outer Ring Road between the TCH and Allandale Road before the end of the year."

Contact: Rick Callahan, (709) 729-4860

1998 05 12 3:45 p.m.


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