October 15, 1998
(Works, Services and Transportation)

Environmental assessment to be carried out on old General Hospital

Key decisions regarding public concerns over plans to demolish the old General Hospital Buildings were reached during a meeting earlier this week between the province and the City of St. John's. There will be no action taken on the demolition of the historical buildings until an environmental assessment has been carried out. The assessment will look further into the viability of reusing these buildings from an environmental perspective. The Department of Works, Services and Transportation will initiate the environmental assessment on the old General Hospital Buildings in the coming days. In the interim, plans to demolish the old steam plant and remove two underground fuel tanks nearby will continue as scheduled, as this action would be necessary in the event of any redevelopment of the buildings.

Media contact: Jill Sooley, Communications, (709) 729-3015.

1998 10 15 9:45 a.m.


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