September 11, 1998
(Works, Services and Transportation)

Information session scheduled for Pippy Park Boundary Review

An information session on the review of the boundaries of Pippy Park will take place on Monday, September 14 in the Marine Institute Cafeteria at 7:30 p.m. The Department of Works, Services and Transportation wishes to remind area residents of the importance of attending this session so that all views and concerns can be taken into consideration in determining the future park boundaries. Representatives of the Pippy Park Commission as well as representatives of the City of St. John's will also be in attendance at this session to answer questions.

This is the second session on the review of the Pippy Park boundaries. Earlier this year, the Department of Works, Services and Transportation engaged an independent consultant, John Roil, to undertake the review with a final report expected in September. However, Mr. Roil has advised that additional consultation with residents is appropriate. In light of that, government has agreed to extend the deadline for the commissioner's report to late October.

The need for a review follows a number of concerns raised by many groups and individuals on what properties should and should not be included within the park boundaries. Pippy Park exists to provide a park-like setting for public institutions and other facilities accessed by the public. This review is intended to ensure that properties within the park boundaries are in keeping with this mandate.

Media Contact: Jill Sooley, (709) 729-3015.

1998 09 11 1:40 p.m.


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