March 17, 1998
(Works, Services and Transportation)

Government committed to Gould's Bypass Road

Works, Services and Transportation Minister Lloyd Matthews today provided assurances to communities of the Southern Shore concerning the construction of the Gould's Bypass Road. "This is a project that figures prominently in the department's overall transportation plans," said Minister Matthews. "Construction of the Gould's Bypass Road has been identified as a priority under the Newfoundland Transportation Initiative. The priorities have not changed and government remains committed to the project."

The start date for construction on the Gould's Bypass will not begin in this construction year, in an effort to complete some of the larger projects already under way. "Construction on some of the major projects such as the Conception Bay Bypass Roads and the Outer Ring Road is continuing. These ongoing projects should be completed as quickly as possible so that people can begin using these new thoroughfares this year," said the minister.

The construction of a new bypass road to service communities along the Southern Shore is a viable project. "I understand that residents of the area are anxious to see construction begin, however, we feel it is appropriate to make every effort to complete the projects we've started," said Mr. Matthews. The minister stressed the Gould's Bypass will go ahead and once construction begins the road will be completed quickly.

Funding for most highway improvement projects comes from the Newfoundland Transportation Initiative, a 15-year agreement due to expire in 2002/03. Seventeen highway improvement projects were announced for 1998/99 totalling $54 million.

Contact: Jill Sooley, (709)729-3015.

1998 03 17 1:15 p.m

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