August 14, 1998
(Works, Services and Transportation)

Minister announces construction of Goulds Bypass Road/additional road construction projects

Construction of the Goulds Bypass Road will begin this year, Works, Services and Transportation Minister Lloyd Matthews announced today. The Goulds Bypass Road is one of five new highway improvement projects to get an early start on construction. According to Minister Matthews these projects were initially slated to begin during the 1999 construction season. "However," said Mr. Matthews, "we have since secured a commitment from the federal government to accelerate $10 million in funds so that work on these projects can begin during this construction season."

This brings funding for road construction this year to an all time high. "We already have the largest road construction program in the history of the province at $108 million," says Minister Matthews. "With the additional funding from the federal government, we will be spending in excess of $118 million in road construction projects. Throughout the 1990s the average expenditures for road construction has been in the range of $86 million. This year is far and away the most ambitious road construction season we've ever undertaken."

Mr. Matthews said the new funding is welcome news for residents of the southern shore. "While we originally anticipated a 1999 start, we are now in a position to call tenders within the next two weeks." The total cost of the Goulds Bypass Road is approximately $6 million. This year, $2 million will be allocated to begin construction of the two lane, nine and a half kilometre road. When complete the Goulds Bypass Road will provide easy access to main thoroughfares in the St. John's area.

Other projects to get an early start include upgrading and paving approximately 20 km of Route 330, from Carmenville Access Road towards Musgrave Harbour. The estimated cost of the project is $2.2 million. The remaining sections of Route 80 between Blaketown and Whiteway, approximately 12 km, will also be upgraded and paved at a cost of $2 million.

In addition to these projects, announcements were made a few weeks ago for improvements to Route 430 and 432, along the Northern Peninsula. Approximately 20 km of Route 430 from the Roddickton Intersection towards St. Barbe will be upgraded and paved. Route 432 from Roddickton Intersection towards Main Brook, approximately 15 km, will be upgraded with paving to begin once all upgrading is complete. In total, these two projects are estimated at $4.5 million.

"Government is very pleased to get a commitment from Ottawa to cash flow the additional funds," said Minister Matthews. "Investing in the transportation infrastructure of the province is a key component of government's overall economic development strategy. Newfoundland and Labrador, together with other provinces and territories, is lobbying the federal government to invest in the nation's highway systems through development of a National Highways Policy."

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1998 08 14 10:05 a.m.


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