February 24, 1998
(Works, Services and Transportation)

Consultation on Public Tender Act

Works, Services and Transportation Minister Lloyd Matthews today announced a comprehensive review of the Public Tender Act, the legislation governing the acquisition of goods, services and construction by government. The review process, which will examine ways to improve and strengthen legislation, will include extensive consultation with industry groups in the province.

"The intent of this review is to ensure that we have legislation in place which emphasizes accountability of public funds, within the context of a changing business environment," said Mr. Matthews. "Legislation must encourage competitive bidding and ensure the best value for the public. It should also encourage innovation, growth and provide a fair opportunity for local business in the province."

To assist with the consultative process, a background paper highlighting many of the key issues and concerns is available to any interested group or organization wishing to make a submission to government. "Essentially, we have drafted a background paper which addresses such things as best value for government expenditures, while encouraging innovation and economic development. While we outline issues of concern, we do not make recommendations or offer solutions in the background paper," added Mr. Matthews. "We are seeking input from the private sector as well as the public sector on how our legislation can be strengthened."

For example, evaluation criteria is one of the issues government is reviewing. Current legislation stipulates that contracts be awarded to the lowest bidder yet other factors such as quality, service delivery, life cycle costs, and experience, are not considered in the evaluation. "We are asking industry groups and the public to tell us if and when other factors should come into play in awarding contracts," said the minister.

The deadline for submissions is March 23, 1998. Government will take all views and concerns into consideration. "At the end of this process, we hope to have enough input from local industry to guide us in developing legislation that ensures the best possible value for public funds," said the minister.

Contact: Jill Sooley (709) 729-3015.

1998 02 24 12:35 p.m.

Consultation Paper on Public Tender Act

Schedule for Consultation Sessions on the Public Tender Act


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