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Forest Resources and Agrifoods - 2003
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January 14
Thirty-two charges laid against Badger residents for killing caribou
Officials increase efforts to control rabies on Northern Peninsula

January 16
Three individuals charged for trafficking in big game parts
River of Ponds men sentenced for trafficking in big game

January 24
Bay of Islands men charged under the
Wildlife Act

January 28
Two men convicted for wildlife violations

January 29
St. Brendanís man pleads guilty to wildlife charge
Minister to attend meeting on Agricultural Policy Framework in Toronto

January 31
Fox found in Sopís Arm tests positive for rabies


February 3
Minister applauds decision to extend CARD funding for agriculture industry

February 5
Public information sessions and rabies vaccinations planned for White Bay communities

February 14
Happy Valley - Goose Bay resident charged for trafficking in big game antlers

February 18
Vaccination support extends to Baie Verte Peninsula

February 20
Port aux Choix man pleads guilty to wildlife and fisheries violations

February 27
2002 enforcement figures released


March 3
Government steps up efforts to eradicate rabies on Northern Peninsula

March 4
Middle Arm resident pleads guilty to wildlife offences

March 10
First vaccine bait drops for Northern Peninsula

March 12
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to speak at Federation of Agriculture annual meeting, March 13, Gander

March 13
NOTE TO EDITORS - Deputy minister to speak at Federation of Agriculture annual meeting, March 13, Gander

March 27
Update on rabies eradication program
$6.5 million for new Agriculture Policy Framework
New agriculture enhancement initiative
Budget contains $2.2 million for rabies eradication program
Additional funding for resource roads program; key forestry programs maintained at current budget levels
Funding for Innu and Metis participation in forestry management

March 28
Deadline extension for domestic wood cutting permit holders


April 3
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to guest speak at Lumber Producers Associationís annual convention, Gander, April 5

April 10
Seventh case of rabies confirmed on Northern Peninsula

April 11
Three more rabies cases on Northern Peninsula

April 17
Sheep from Danielís Harbour tests positive for rabies

April 24
Rabies case confirmed in Cormack
Second sheep test positives for rabies

April 30
Officials preparing for 2003 forest insect control program


May 1
Minister recognizes National Forest Week
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to speak at opening ceremonies of 2003 Agrifood and Garden Show, Corner Brook, May 2

May 2
Three more rabies cases confirmed on the Island

May 12
Newfoundland and Labrador first province to sign APF Implementation Agreement
17th case of rabies confirmed on Northern Peninsula

May 14
Minister declares 2003 forest fire season

May 21
Middle Arm man convicted on big game offences

May 23
Province to participate in West Nile Virus surveillance program

May 26
More positive rabies cases on Northern Peninsula


June 2
Provincial Sustainable Forestry Management Strategy document released for 60-day public consultation process

June 4
Rabies vaccine baiting area extended to Baie Verte Peninsula

June 11
Silviculture projects announced for Lewisporte district

June 12
Junior Forest Wardens holding annual tree sale

June 13
Silviculture funding announced for Northern Peninsula

June 16
Minister announces silviculture funding

June 20
Minister announces $121,900 in silviculture funding

June 25
NOTE TO EDITORS: Planting of 150 millionth tree seedling, Wooddale, June 27

June 27
Ceremony held for planting of the province's 150 millionth tree seedling and expansion of Wooddale Provincial Tree Nursery

June 30
Rabies vaccine bait drops completed
Silviculture funding announced for Lake Melville District


July 3
Silviculture projects announced for Humber East and Humber West

July 9
Terrenceville men convicted on wildlife and fisheries violations

July 16
Silviculture project in The Straits-White Bay North District

July 21
Minister welcomes enforcement officers to province

July 31
Terrenceville man sentenced for fisheries and wildlife offences


August 8
Equity investment in Country Ribbon Inc.
Firefighters heading to British Columbia to assist with forest fires

August 13
2003 Forest Insect Control Program completed

August 21
Silviculture funding announced for Labrador West

August 25
Silviculture initiative announced for Bonavista South

August 29
Seal Cove men convicted on forestry violations


September 3
Silviculture work announced for Cartwright-LíAnse au Clair
Minister commends firefighters for assisting with forest fires in British Columbia

September 4
Department asking farmers to take extra precautions against potato blight

September 8
Agriculture fairs showing great success

September 11
Agricultural policy framework program information now available to Newfoundland and Labrador farmers

September 19
Domestic wood cutting permits for FMD 14 can now be
obtained at St. Georgeís forestry office
Department to set up check stations
Forest fire season extended throughout province

September 26
Gambo man convicted on wildlife charge
Spaniardís Bay resident charged for trafficking in big game

September 29
Big game meat spoilage


October 2
Celebrating the importance of agriculture

October 7
End of 2003 forest fire season declared


December 2
Terrenceville man convicted for illegal salmon possession

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