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Week of : March 19 - March 25

March 19

  • No Releases - Holiday

March 20

March 21

March 22

Budget Speech
Budget 2001-2001: Investing in Youth, Investing in Our Future
Budget Highlights
Education Highlights


News Releases
Education - An Investment in our province's future
Reinvestment in school board budgets continues
218 teaching units added back into system
New money for school construction and renovations
School boards' utility budgets balanced
Professional development funding for teachers maintained
Busing for junior and senior high students in St. John's
$1 million for library books
New money for provincial literacy initiatives
Government implementing ministerial panel recommendations
Ministerial Panel on Educational Delivery in the Classroom

News Releases
Funding to ensure safe drinking water for the province
Continued funding for environmental remediation work


News Releases
Province to televise House of Assembly
Minister announces increased support for women's centres
Strategic Social Plan funding to be continued

News Releases
Newfoundland and Labrador Seniors' Benefit enhanced
2001 payroll tax changes
Newfoundland and Labrador Seniors' Benefit
Health and Post-Secondary Education (payroll) Tax increase in exemption threshold
Deferred Revenues

Fisheries and Aquaculture
News Releases
Additional funding announced will serve to strengthen industry

Forest Resources and Agrifoods
News Releases
Increased funding for insect control program
Funding increase for access roads

Health and Community Services
News Releases
Health and Community Services planning for the future
Regional health care boards on sound financial footing
Government investing $3.1 million in cardiac care
Pharmacy dispensing fees to increase
Recruitment and retention of physicians a priority
Government investing $82 million for capital improvements
Home support workers getting wage increase
Government builds on commitment to personal care homes
Early Childhood Development a priority for government

Human Resources and Employment
News Releases
NLCB increase good news for low income families
Department continues to move forward in redesign initiatives
New pay system for HRE clients
Single Parent Employment Support Program (SESP)
Working together for youth

Industry, Trade and Rural Development
News Releases 
Substantial resources for new department

News Releases
Province increasing highway patrol enforcement

News Releases
Government committed to enhancing social and economic development

Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs
News Releases
Province commits funding for Aboriginal Cadet Development Program
$1.4 million for seniors' housing option

Mines and Energy
News Releases
Funding announced to expand Buchans Core Library Facility
Government continues funding for Mineral Incentive Program
Government announces funding for natural gas development strategy

Municipal and Provincial Affairs
News Releases
Minister announces additional support for NLHC community centres
Social Housing Spending
Minister announces continued support for Debt Relief Program
New Elections Act to be introduced in House of Assembly
Minister announces $50 million for infrastructure and capital works
Provincial Home Repair Program

Tourism, Culture and Recreation
News Releases 
Funding for Receiving the World Celebrations confirmed
Funding allocated for T'Railway
Main River Natural Areas Strategy receives funding
Minister announces heritage grants to increase
Minister announces funding for Arts and Culture Centres
Travel subsidy for Labrador students maintained
Minister announces funding for Arts and Letters Competition
Funding provided to tourist chalets

News Release 
Opening Doors Program funding increased to $2.6 million

Works, Services and Transportation
News Releases
Roads budget gets $6 million upgrade
Province calls upon federal government to jointly fund causeway

Youth Services and Post-Secondary Education
News Releases
Government establishing Student Investment and Opportunity Corporation 
Government continues to invest in public post-secondary institutions
Government announces measures to make post-secondary education more affordable for students

News Release
Budget acts on Jobs and Growth agenda

News Release
Graduate Recruitment Strategy to continue

March 23

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