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Works, Services and Transportation - 1999

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January 7
Government will borrow funds to construct Harbour Breton Health Care facility

January 15
Electronic tendering to replace traditional advertising

January 18
Tender dates set for projects under Trans Canada Highway Agreement and Regional Road Trunk Program

January 19
Minister comments on Marine Atlantic's ferry services

January 26
Emergency funding for roof repair at O'Connell Centre in Corner Brook

January 27
Freeze on intra-provincial ferry rates

January 28
Minister comments on statements regarding Bell Island Ferry Service


February 2
Marine Atlantic - Atlantic Freighter out of service

February 23
Contract awarded for Coastal Labrador services


March 5
Contract for upgrading and paving TCH from South Brook Intersection to Springdale Intersection

March 9
Contracts awarded for Melville Health Care Facility

March 11
Contract for work on Connaigre Peninsula Health Care Centre
Contract for upgrading and paving of a section of Bonavista Highway (Rt. 230)

March 22
Capital Roads Program Largest Since Confederation

March 24
Ministerial Statement - Water Bomber Contract

March 25
Ministerial Statement - St. John's Hospital Redevelopment Program


April 8
Bell Island - Portugal Cove ferry out of service

April 23
Marine Atlantic - Record traffic, reduced subsidy reported

April 29
Ministerial Statement - Coastal link road


May 4
Contract for upgrading and paving of Trans Canada Highway, Port aux Basques through Codroy Valley

May 12
Ministerial Statement - Gulf Ferry Service
Contract for James Paton Hospital project

May 17
Contract for upgrading to Route 432 from the intersection of Route 433 to Roses Brook
Contract for replacement of Bishop's Falls West Overpass on Trans Canada Highway
Ministerial Statement - Meeting with Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety

May 19
Ministerial Statement - Report reviewing the boundaries of C. A. Pippy Park

May 20
Ministerial Statement - Introduction of bill to amend Public Tendering Act


June 1
Contract for construction of a panel type bridge, Cochrane Pond Brook service road

June 2
Contracts for Red Bay to Cartwright highway
Service providers licensed for electronic tendering

June 4
Ministers comment on Transportation Week

June 14
Marine Atlantic - New accessibility standards for Canadian ferries

June 30
Minister makes site visit of Trans Labrador Highway


July 6
Contract awarded for renovations and alterations to Avalon East District schools
Update on Gulf ferry issues

July 9
Contract awarded for renovations and alterations to Avalon East District schools

July 13
Contract for renovations and alterations to Avalon East District schools

July 14
Contract for roadwork in The Straits and White Bay North district
Contract for roadwork in St. George's-Stephenville East and Port au Port districts
Contract for classroom extension to Beachy Cove Elementary, Portugal Cove

July 15
Contract for roadwork on Route 201 from Chapel Arm to Long Cove

July 22
Funding for depots on Trans Labrador Highway
Funding for new ferry terminal in St. Barbe

July 26
Contract for overpass on TCH at Deer Lake


August 6
Contracts awarded for Goulds-By-Pass Road

August 20
Largest capital construction program since Confederation

August 30
Contract awarded for road work on Outer Ring Road



September 1
Contract  for Conception Bay North-By-Pass and area
Contract  for Avalon East District Schools

September 9
Contract work for new school at Blaketown
Minister reconfirms consultations on provincial ferry services

September 29
Contract for culvert replacement on Route 92


October 1
Contract for road work in the community of Quirpon

October 14
Accessibility improvements for Menihek High School

October 19
Contract awarded to clear right of way on R1, TCH from Badger towards South Brook

October 22
Site contract for new Bonne Bay Health Care facility


November 3
Major contracts awarded for next phase of Red Bay to Cartwright Highway

November 10
Contract for Sir Thomas Roddick Health Centre

November 12
Province to consult intra-provincial ferry users

November 15
Next phase of Outer Ring Road opens
Contract awarded for Clarenville correctional centre

November 18
Ministerial Statement - Update of underground fuel storage tanks

November 24
Ministerial Statement - Larger school construction projects

November 26
Marine Atlantic releases preliminary 2000 schedule


December 1
Province lights the way for Christmas

December 2
Christmas lights across Canada ceremony

December 8
Ministerial Statement - Gulf ferry service

December 10
Contract for Grand Falls-Windsor Arts and Culture Centre
Consulting company appointed for Dr. G.B. Cross Hospital renovations

December 14
Contracts awarded for grading projects in Labrador

Contract awarded for Baltimore High, Ferryland

December 15
Contract awarded for Trans Labrador Highway depots
Contract awarded for Blaketown high school
Contract awarded for Old Perlican hospital

December 17
Government announces telecommunications contracts

December 29
Contract awarded for Carmelite House


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