Transportation and Works - 2009

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January 7
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry Service to Continue for Short Term

January 8
Media Advisory: Province to Unveil New Air Ambulance

January 9
Media Advisory: Events in St. Anthony Cancelled for Today

January 13
Help On the Way for Stranded Residents of Williams Harbour

January 14
Media Advisory: Ministers to Address Road Builders/Heavy Civil Association

January 20
Public Advisory: Apollo Ferry Season Coming to a Close


February 5
Media Advisory: Province to Unveil New Air Ambulance

February 6
Province Welcomes New Air Ambulance

February 13
Report on Air Transportation Released

February 17
Media Advisory: Provincial Government to Make Major Infrastructure Announcement

February 18
Williams Government Makes Record $800 Million Investment in Infrastructure

February 19
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Springdale and Area Chamber of Commerce


March 6
Public Advisory: Provincial Government Decommissions M/V Inch Arran

March 26
Standing Strong in the Fight Against Poverty

March 31
Ministerial Statement - Protective Side Guards to be Placed on Government Snowplows


April 1
Public Advisory: Nonia to Provide Service for Green Bay Area
24-Hour Snow-Clearing Pilot Project Ending For the Season

April 3
First Projects Tendered Under 2009-10 Roads Improvement Program
Provincial Government Starts at the Top with Building Repairs

April 7
Government Puts Waterbomber Purchase on Hold

April 8
Bridge Work Ahead on Trans Labrador Highway
Public Advisory: Straits Ferry Season to Commence

April 9
Province Lays Out More Road Work

April 16
Provincial Roads Program Keeps Rolling

April 17
Road Improvement Momentum Continues

April 22
Public Advisory: Beaumont Hamel Out of Service
A Steady Stream of Road Upgrades Keeps Flowing

April 23
Provincial Government to Invest in Significant Road Upgrades in Grand Falls-Windsor-Buchans

April 27
Government in Home Stretch on Phase III of Trans Labrador Highway

Government Sets Sights on New Ferries for South Coast and Labrador

April 29
Roads Program Paves Way for Smoother Driving


May 1
William�s Harbour Residents Receive Transportation Aid
Government Seeks Design Consultants for New Ferry
Construction on Trans Labrador Highway to Cross Another Bridge

May 6
Trans Labrador Highway to Get Hard-Top

May 8
Media Advisory: Ministers to Make Significant Announcement

May 11
Provincial and Federal Governments Announce Important Infrastructure Investments
Ministerial Statement - Infrastructure Spending Continues at Swift Pace

May 15
Residents in Humber East Latest to Benefit from Roads Improvement Program
Roads Improvement Program Keeps Moving Forward

May 22
Road and Bridge Work En Route to Central Newfoundland

May 25
More Road Upgrades on the Horizon
Road Upgrades Headed for Baie Verte-Springdale

May 27
New Harbour Barrens to Get Facelift
Media Advisory: New Safety Equipment on Display

May 28
New Campaign Highlights Road Safety in Construction Zones
Provincial Government Unveils New Snowplow Safety Equipment

May 29
Investment Continues in Roads Program
Improved Satellite Phone Service Secured for Labrador


June 1
More Road Work Ahead for Trinity-Bay de Verde
Significant Work Continues on the Trans Labrador Highway

June 2
Public Advisory: Labrador Marine Service Delayed Due to Ice Conditions

June 8
Province Continues to Deliver Improved Roads
More Work Announced for Trans Labrador Highway

June 10
Media Advisory: Provincial Government to Provide Update on Infrastructure Spending

June 11
Public Advisory: Labrador Marine Service to Commence Summer Schedule
Economy Strong as Province to Tender Over a Billion Dollars This Fiscal Year

June 16
Public Advisory: Bridge Restrictions in J. T. Cheeseman Provincial Park Until Further Notice

June 17
Bridges Bound for Bonavista North and Culverts to Placentia-St. Mary�s

June 26
Roads Program Re-Vamps Route 230


July 21
Media Advisory: Minister to Survey Paving of Trans Labrador Highway

July 22
Bridge Upgrades Span the Province
Provincial Government Committed to Southern Labrador Regional Airport

July 24
Road Upgrades Enroute to Bonavista South
Province Continues to Roll Out Pavement

July 30
Roads Programs Continues to Deliver Improved Driving Conditions

July 31
Better Bridges Ahead



August 6
Trans Labrador Highway Being Fast-Tracked

August 12
Province Maintains Significant Investment in Infrastructure

August 21
Government Selects Consultant to Design New Ferry

August 28
Road Work Supports Economic Development in Placentia-St. Mary�s



September 2
Government Seeks Designs for New Placentia Bridge

September 8
Significant Investment in Provincial Infrastructure Continues

September 14
Premier Announces Unique Facility for St. Anthony Region With Multimillion-dollar Investment

September 21
Province Installs New Safety Signs

September 28
Media Advisory: Premier to Announce Location for New Western Memorial Regional Hospital

Site Announced for New Western Memorial Regional Hospital


October 15
Public Advisory: Closure Date for Labrador Shipping Season Released

October 21
Public Advisory: Bridge on Trans Labrador Highway Reduced to One Lane

October 27
Media Advisory: Premier to Announce Significant Government Acquisition and Industrial Benefits Agreement

October 28
Waterbomber Purchase Renews Fleet and Delivers Industrial Benefits


November 2
Public Advisory: Traffic Reduced on Trans Labrador Highway Bridge

November 12
Minister Sets Record Straight on Ferry Contracts

November 13
Bridge Work Highlights Continued Investment in Infrastructure

November 19
Federal Auditor General�s Report Confirms Province�s Position on Marine Atlantic Fleet Renewal

November 20
Media Advisory: Premier to Announce Site Selection for New Long-Term Care Homes in St. John�s
Public Advisory: Old Bridges Removed on Northern Peninsula


December 1
Exterior Renovations Underway for Confederation Building

December 10

Public Advisory: Christmas Lights across Canada Ceremony
Ministerial Statement - Christmas Lights Across Canada to be Celebrated Tonight

December 16
Ministerial Statement - Trans Labrador Highway Phase III Now Open � Connecting Labrador West, Through Lake Melville, to Southern Labrador

December 18
Satellite Phone Service Expanded to Trans Labrador Highway, Phase III

December 21
Province Offering Additional Travel Services to Benefit Labrador Communities

December 22
Residents of Black Tickle to Benefit from Air Travel Subsidy


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