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Transportation and Works
May 15, 2009

Roads Improvement Program Keeps Moving Forward

Road upgrades continue throughout the province as tenders are issued in five further districts under the 2009-10 Provincial Roads Improvement Program. As part of Budget 2009: Building on Our Strong Foundation, the Williams Government will invest over $300 million in transportation infrastructure.

Projects have been announced in the districts of Trinity North, Terra Nova, St. George�s-Stephenville East, Bonavista South and Burgeo-La Poile.

"Our government places great importance on providing a safe and reliable transportation network throughout the province," said the Honourable Trevor Taylor, Minister of Transportation and Works. "That commitment is clearly evidenced in the $70.7 million we are investing in this year�s roads program."

Tenders have been issued for the following road work:

  • In the district of Trinity North, a section of Route 231, Hickman�s Harbour, will be upgraded and paved;
  • In the district of Terra Nova, a section of Route 233, Bunyan�s Cove, will be upgraded and paved;
  • In St. George�s-Stephenville East, approximately seven kilometres of the Trans-Canada Highway from Crabbes River towards Riverbrook will be resurfaced (cost-shared with the Federal Government);
  • In the district of Bonavista South, a concrete bridge in Winter Brook will be replaced with an aluminum box culvert; and,
  • In Burgeo-La Poile, approximately seven kilometres of Route 480, Burgeo Road, will be pulverized and paved.
  • "I am very pleased that this will now complete a section of road that was started last year and I look forward to continuing with additional improvements and investments in the district of Trinity North," said the Honourable Ross Wiseman, MHA for Trinity North.

    "Not only will these road upgrades significantly enhance safety for residents, these improvements will also provide better access to these rural communities for business and tourism-related activities," said the Honourable Paul Oram, Terra Nova MHA.

    "The safety of the concrete bridge in Winter Brook has been a concern and I am pleased that it will be replaced," said the Honourable Roger Fitzgerald, MHA for Bonavista South.

    The Provincial Roads Improvement Program will create an estimated 1,400 person years of employment and is part of the Provincial Government's infrastructure strategy, valued at more than $4 billion over the next several years.

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    Media contacts:

    David Salter
    Director of Communications
    Department of Transportation and Works
    709-729-3015, 691-3577
    Sharon Vokey
    Executive Assistant
    Hon. Ross Wiseman, Trinity North MHA
    Sandy Collins
    Executive Assistant
    Hon. Paul Oram, Terra Nova MHA
    Donna Abbott
    Executive Assistant
    Hon. Roger Fitzgerald, Bonavista South MHA

    2009 05 15                                                     3:45 p.m.

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