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Education - 1998
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January 6
Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation - Atlantic Canada in the Global Community

January 14
Minister comments on withdrawal of services by support staff in School District No.8

January 19
Minister available to meet media - January 19
Minister calls for more air quality testing in schools


February 6
Focus groups to take place on new common religious education curriculum

February 25
Air quality testing programs in schools


March 17
Note to Editors: Minister to hold news conference today
Government reinvests teacher salary savings

March 19
Provincial Information and Library Resources Board - Tentative collective agreement reached

March 26
Government announces creation of Newfoundland and Labrador Investment Corporation
Government creates a $4 million Post Secondary Awards Program
Government eases the tax burden for businesses

Backgrounder - Implementation of the Canning Report


April 27
Ministerial Statement - Release of Comprehensive Report on Post-Secondary Education

April 29
1998 scholarship to attend Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific awarded to Herdman Collegiate student


May 4
New school for Norman Bay

May 6
Ministerial Statement - Air quality testing in schools

May 14
Ministerial Statement - School repair and maintenance
Ministerial Statement - Public consultations on literacy to be held in province
Public consultations on literacy

May 20
Minister encourages public to SKIP-A-LUNCH

May 21
Ministerial Statement - School building and property acquisitions

May 27
Ministerial Statement - Third National Forum on Education

May 28
Provincial High School Enterprise Olympic competition

May 29
Ministerial Statement - Interim Agreement on church owned school property


June 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, June 9  Subject: Air quality in schools
Air quality testing reports being released

June 10
School District #2 selected for pilot project on teacher allocation and program delivery

June 17
Additional funding announced for repairs and maintenance

June 18
Minister comments on teachers' acceptance of contract proposal


July 8
Additional capital funding for College of the North Atlantic

July 16
June 1998 senior high school results

July 29
Provincial government high school scholarship winners for 1998

July 30
Dr. Phil Warren conducting independent consultations on private college legislation
NOTE TO EDITORS: Back To School program to present bursaries, July 30
Back To School program presents bursaries


August 10
Moratorium on registration of new private colleges

August 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 14,   Subject: Career Academy
Minister reacts to closure of Career Academy

August 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 18,   Subject: Career Academy
Government releases update for students

August 19
Notice of scheduled meetings for Career Academy students
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 19,  Subject: Career Academy
Government announces update for Career Academy students

August 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 20,   Subject: Career Academy
Information Update - Career Academy students

August 21
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 21,   Subject: Career Academy
Minister guarantees placements for all displaced students of Career Academy

August 22
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 22,   Subject:  Career Academy
Government makes decision on potential investor's proposal

August 25
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 25,   Subject:  Career Academy
Government announces status of Career Academy student placements

August 27
Placements finalized for all students of Career Academy


September 8
Minister comments on education reform process

September 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, September 14,   Subject: Student assistants
Department working with boards of education regarding provision of student assistants

September 16
Committee to find new mechanism for allocating student assistant hours

September 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, September 18,   Subject: Student assistants

September 18
Student assistant allocations to be finalized today


October 7
NOTE TO EDITORS: Grant for Dunfield Park Community Centre

October 14
Results of study on 1995 and 1996 high school graduates

October 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: Launch of new educational project


November 19
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, November 19,   Subject: Report on private training in Newfoundland and Labrador
Ministerial Statement - Review of Private Training and Institutions Act and Regulations - Interim report

November 23
Ministerial Statement - Post-secondary awards program

November 30
Ministerial Statement - Comments on St. John's regional youth parliament and awards to MUN debating team at Atlantic Competition


December 7
Programs first to receive new apprenticeship accreditation from government

December 11
Ministerial Statement - Private Training Legislation

December 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, December 18,   Subject: Construction, repair and maintenance projects for schools

December 18
School capital construction projects

December 21
Education reform is working - Government re-investing savings

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