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Health and Community Services - 1998

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January 15
Minister responds to Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association


February 10
Change to 50 per-cent billing policy


March 26

$500,000 Budget for Medical Transportation Assistance Program
$10 million for institutional boards
$2 million in additional Funding for Department of Health and Community Services
$126,000 for the Nain Safe House
$300,000 for transition house on Burin Peninsula
Health - Budget Fact Sheets
Government reinvesting $10.15 million in children and families

March 27
Outbreak of food poisoning

March 30
Update on outbreak of salmonella food poisoning


April 1
Ministerial Statement - Recalling Schneider Lunchmate Snack Products


May 5
Ministerial Statement - Hepatitis C

May 11
New Eastern Newfoundland Regional Community Health Board appointed
New chairperson for Central West Health Board

Ministerial Statement - National Nursing Week, May 11 - 17
Government's actions regarding 1997 Community Services Council report on child sexual abuse

May 27
Public consultations for Green Paper on Adoptions to be held in Clarenville, Gander, Corner Brook, Goose Bay, St. Anthony and St. John's


June 4
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, June 5, Subject: Memorandum of Understanding with Department of National Defence.

June 5
Government partnering with the Canadian Armed Forces to enhance physician services in the province

June 8
Seniors' Month proclamation

June 19
New Child Care Services Act

June 25
Plans to form a provincial physician recruitment coordinating committee

June 29
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, June 30, Subject: International Year of Older Persons

June 30
International Year of Older Persons (IYOP) - 1999


July 6
New Registrar for Newfoundland Denturist Board
New Western Health Care Corporation Board appointed
New Western Regional Health and Community Services Board appointed

July 20
Health Labrador Corporation appointed
Grenfell Regional Health Services Board appointed


August 19
Funding for Multiple Sclerosis drug therapies approved under the Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program

August 24
Heart Health for Life - a five part series focusing on heart health

August 27
Government and doctors reach tentative agreement


October 7
NOTE TO EDITORS - Reception to celebrate launch of International Year of Older Persons (IYOP)

October 16
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference Monday, October 19 Subject: new health initiative for seniors

October 19
Regional Seniors' Care Program launched

October 21
Alternate Health Care Model planned for Bonavista/Clarenville area

October 23
John Gray Centre officially opened


November 16
Results of Student Drug Use Survey released

November 20
National Child Day
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, November 23 Subject: New direction for children's interest

November 23
New Child Welfare legislation

November 24
Funds for child care to allow teenage mothers to complete high school

November 26
Ministerial Statement - Death at St. Clare's Hospital
Ministerial Statement - Funding for child care services
Information on public education campaign - Fight BAC


December 1
Ministerial Statement - World AIDS Day

December 3
Ministerial Statement - International Day of Disabled Persons

December 8
Ministerial Statement - New funding for child care services

December 9
Ministerial Statement - International Year of Older Persons

December 15
Ministerial Statement - Review of regional institutional boards

December 17
Increased grants approved for ambulance operators

December 23
Minister confirms unrestricted coverage of new drug therapy

December 24
Mediator's Interim Report - Fogo Island Hospital

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