Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2011

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January 13
Agreement on Edible Seal Products an Achievement for Newfoundland and Labrador Sealing Industry

January 19
Minister Outlines Next Steps to Develop Sealing Industry

January 25
Energy Efficiency Audit to Assist Fish Harvesting Sector

January 26
Shrimp Shell Processing Facility to be Established with Support from Provincial Government



February 7
Media Advisory: Celtic Explorer to Arrive in St. Johnís

February 8
Celtic Explorer Fisheries Science Research Vessel Arrives in Province

February 24
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association Conference

February 25
Provincial Government Releases Report of Independent Chair of the Steering Committee for Fishing Industry Memorandum of Understanding

Media Advisory: Minister and Independent Chair Available to Media on Memorandum of Understanding Report


March 15
Provinceís Seafood Producing Sector Rebounds to Previous Value

March 17
Newfoundland and Labrador Participates in Boston Seafood Show 2011

March 29
Ministerial Statement Ė Fisheries Youth Initiatives Funded by Provincial Government



April 14
Ministerial Statement - Positive Report Received on Fisheries Research and Development Program

April 19
Infrastructure Investments Stand Strong for Real and Lasting Economic Benefits

Business and Innovation Investments Enhance Road to Prosperity for Newfoundland and Labrador
Standing Strong: Protecting Our Resources; Promoting Resource Development

April 26
New Cod Stock Study Supported by Provincial Government

April 27
Funding Renewed for Fisheries Stewardship Program



May 3
Growing International Markets Focus of European Seafood Exposition

May 13
Minister Reports on International Seafood Marketing Efforts in Brussels

May 20
Investments Support a Rapidly Growing Aquaculture Industry

May 24
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Rotary Club

May 25
High-Pressure Seafood Processing Supported by Provincial Government


June 8
Cod Recovery Strategy Helping to Build Strong Future for Fishing Industry

June 9
Media Advisory: Minister to Meet with Federal Counterpart and Regional Minister

June 16
Media Advisory: Minister to Make Announcement Regarding Coastal and Oceans Strategy Initiative
Newfoundland and Labrador to Embark Upon New Coastal and Oceans Strategy

June 17
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at Marine Institute Graduation

June 21
Joint Statement from Federal and Provincial Ministers

June 22
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Shrimp Allocation Policy
Media Advisory: Ministers Available to Media on Port Union Shrimp Plant


July 4
Investment in Fisheries Science Yielding Positive Results for Newfoundland and Labrador

July 13
Media Advisory: Premier to Open Centre for Aquaculture Health and Development in St. Albanís
Media Advisory: Premier and Minister to Present Aquaculture Awards in Milltown

July 14
Premier Opens New Aquaculture Centre in St. Albanís
Media Advisory: Premier to Open New Aquaculture Wharves at Hermitage-Sandyville and Poolís Cove

July 15
Premier Opens New Aquaculture Wharves in Hermitage-Sandyville and Poolís Cove

July 18
Provincial Government Accepts All Marketing Proposals in Fisheries MOU


August 5
Seafood Processor Launching Value-Added Mussel Development Project

August 19
Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation to Benefit from Provincial Funding

August 25
Research into Enhanced Production Practices Supported by Provincial Government

August 26
Turbot Hook and Line Research Funded Through Innovation Program

August 29
Economic Development Organizations Receive Funding for Whelk Research

August 30
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meetings of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers

August 31
Research into Lobster Processing Supported by Provincial Government


September 2
Fisheries Ministers Renew Commitment to Sustainability and Prosperity of Canadian Fishing and Aquaculture Industry
Minister Comments on Fisheries and Aquaculture Meetings in Nunavut

September 7
Company Named to Assess Finances of Marystown Processing Plant

September 8
Media Advisory: Ministers to Attend Grand Bank Seafoods 20th Anniversary

September 26
Minister Comments on Annual NAFO Meeting


October 19
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Opening of Canadian Sealers Association Office

October 20
Canadian Sealers Association Opens New Office

October 21
Atlantic Provinces Work Together to Enhance Online Promotion of Seafood

October 24
Minister Awards Fourth Annual Fisheries and Aquaculture Scholarship


November 4
Seabed Mapping Efforts Funded Through Innovation Program

November 7
Company Enhances Promotion Through Fisheries Innovation Program

November 9
Exploratory Turbot Pot Fishery Funded Through Innovation Program

November 14
New Simulator Software Increases Safety for Fish Harvesters

November 17
Media Advisory: Provincial and Federal Governments and FFAW to Announce Lobster Sustainability Plan

November 18
Governments of Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador Partner with Fishing Industry to Fund Lobster Sustainability Plan

November 23
Harbour Breton Looks to Capitalize on Thriving Business Activity

November 25
Provincial Government Receives Financial Assessment of OCIís Fish Plant Operations in Marystown
Media Advisory: Minister Available to Media


December 13
Media Advisory: Minister Available to Media

December 15
Pilot Project Evaluates Snow Crab Production

December 23
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Reacts to Possible Seal Trade Restrictions by Russia

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