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Health and Community Services - 2000

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January 12
Government announces amendments to Motor Carrier regulations

January 17
Teen Tobacco Team begins Tobacco Awareness Program
Smoke Free Malls

January 19
Funding for Rabbittown Learners Program

January 27
Premier responds to Federal Health Minister Allan Rock


February 2
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, February 2, Subject Nursing issues
Signing bonus announced for graduating nurses

February 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, February 9, Subject: nursing and union issues

February 15
Policy change means improved lifestyle for spouses of individuals entering long term care facilities

February 22
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, February 22, Subject: Human resources in health care
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Media briefing cancelled

February 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media briefing, February 23, Subject: Human resources in health care
Province seeing improvement in recruitment of health professionals


March 2
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 3, St. John's, Subject: Regarding launching of Healthy Newfoundland and Labrador Web site

March 3
Healthy Newfoundland and Labrador Better Information: Better Health
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to open Smoking Prevention Project time capsule, March 6, St. John's

March 6
Class of 2000 Smoking Prevention Scholarship

March 13
Social Work Week - March 13-17
Newfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation achieves its first accreditation with honours

March 14
St. John Ambulance receives funding toward capital infrastructure campaign
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 15, Subject: Funding for breast health care
Premier and minister thank Sister Elizabeth Davis for years of service to health care field

March 15
Funding announced for comprehensive breast health centre

March 21
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 21, St. John's  Subject: Support services for Janeway patients and families
Funding announced for Janeway Hostel

March 22
Budget 2000 for the Health of the People
Province to spend over $50 million in new health equipment
Province committing more than $570,000 for dialysis units in St. Anthony and Clarenville
New air ambulance for province
High priority health programs receive funding
Stabilizing human resources in the health system
Construction and renovation of health facilities
Government approves $3.5 million Janeway Hostel
$2 million comprehensive breast health centre

March 27
Ministerial Statement - Report on provincial territorial meeting of ministers of health

March 28
Ministerial Statement - Launch of "Kick the Nic" program and update on Teen Tobacco Team

March 29
Ministerial Statement - Funding announced for health research


April 3
Ministerial Statement - Provincial and territorial ministers of health meet
NOTE TO EDITORS: Notification campaign for women artificially inseminated at IWK Grace Health Centre, Halifax

April 5
Ministerial Statement - Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut sign Memorandum of Understanding

April 6
Ministerial Statement - Site selections for Community Youth Network

April 12
Government to proceed with tobacco legislation

April 13
Ministerial Statement - Funding announced for new cancer centre in Western Region

April 27
National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week


May 1
Ministerial Statement - Summer hospital bed closures

May 2
Ministerial Statement - Genetic research in Newfoundland and Labrador

May 8
National Palliative Care Week

May 9
Newfoundland and Labrador participating in national West Nile Virus surveillance program

May 10
Ministerial Statement - Local researchers leading the way in preventing cervical cancer

May 11
Ministerial Statement - Contract with ambulance operators

May 12
Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research poised to reap benefits from new funding in health research

May 15
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News Conference, May 16, Subject Health Information Network

May 16
NLCHI to build a provincial client registry

May 25
Hemochromatosis Awareness Week, May 25 - 31

May 29
Work progressing on dialysis units for St. Anthony and Clarenville


June 6
New funding announced for Newfoundland and Labrador Drug Information Centre
Health and Community Services prepared for disaster: Sets up emergency hospital

June 8
Seniors’ Month

June 9
Ticker Tom is back with great heart health messages

June 22
Government reviewing policies and procedures for public water supplies


July 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media availability, July 18, Subject: Health care issues
Government is spending $6 million to address cardiac care needs in province


August 30
Minister comments on rising health care costs

August 31
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 31, Subject: Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital announcement
Minister announces Stephenville hospital tender call


September 8
Department acknowledges Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day, September 9

September 19
NOTE TO EDITORS: Launch of youth anti-smoking campaign, September 20, St. John's

September 20
Smoking Sucks campaign features young people speaking frankly against smoking

September 28
Scholarship winners announced
NOTE TO EDITORS: Official opening of Grace Sparkes House, September 29, Marystown

September 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Official opening of Connaigre Peninsula Health Centre, September 30, Harbour Breton
Shelter for victims of family violence opens in Marystown


October 5
Newfoundland and Labrador to co-chair national health meetings

October 11
Seniors Resource Centre - Caregivers, "Out of Isolation"

October 17
Emergency hospital display in Gander

October 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: Ministers to discuss laboratory and x-ray workers situation, October 20, St. John's


November 14
Addictions Awareness Week, November 12-18

November 16
Minister responds to request to apprehend Innu children
NOTE TO EDITORS: Ministers available to media, November 16, St. John's, Subject: Request from Sheshatshiu Band Council

November 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: Ministers to hold news conference, November 20, St. John's, Subject: Update on situation in Sheshatshiu
Developments regarding children in Sheshatshiu


December 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, December 5, St. John's, Subject: Amendments to tobacco legislation
Minister to introduce amendments to tobacco legislation

December 11
Ministerial Statement - Health expenditure trends


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