Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs - 2009

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January 7
Province Provides Rate Assistance to Diesel-Powered Communities 

January 12
Further Enhancements Made to Air Foodlift Subsidy

January 29
Tender Awarded for New Francophone School (Version fran�aise)


February 3
Innu Kindergarten Resources Mark Milestone in Innu Education

February 6
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Newfoundland Aboriginal Women�s Network Recognition Ceremony

February 10
Project Receives Funding to Research Climate Change Adaptation in Labrador

February 16
Aboriginal Legal Interpreters Course in Family Law Begins
Media Advisory: Ministers to Travel to Labrador West for Series of Meetings

February 17
Media Advisory: Provincial Government to Make Major Infrastructure Announcement

Ministers Commence Meetings in Labrador West

February 18
Labrador Receives $130 Million Through Record Infrastructure Investment

February 23
Minister Announces Agreement on Labrador Snowmobile Trail Grooming Operations

February 25
Northern Labrador a Priority for Government

February 27
Media Advisory: Ministers to Officially Launch Full Motor Registration Services in Happy Valley-Goose Bay


March 2
Aboriginal Women Share Their Perspectives during Annual Conference

March 4
Provincial Government Supports Safe Haven for Women and Children on North Coast of Labrador

March 12
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Delegates of Combined Councils of Labrador Annual General Meeting

March 13
Over $90,000 in Provincial Government Support Towards Expanded Cain�s Quest Snowmobile Race

March 23
Ministerial Statement - Cain�s Quest Snowmobile Race a Thrilling Celebration of Labrador Lifestyle

March 26
Unprecedented Investment in Labrador through Northern Strategic Plan

March 30
Ministers Present Funding for Rigolet Shelter, Winter Transportation


April 1
Ministerial Statement - Aboriginal Groups Address Lifestyle Challenges

April 8
Bridge Work Ahead on Trans Labrador Highway

April 27
Government in Home Stretch on Phase III of Trans Labrador Highway

April 29
Ministerial Statement - Northern Strategic Plan Improving the Lives of Labradorians


May 1
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Churchill Falls 2009 Graduates

Media Advisory: Minister to Address Youth Justice Camp
Construction on Trans Labrador Highway to Cross Another Bridge

May 4
Tender Called for Labrador West College Campus

May 6
Justice Camp Educating Nain Youth

May 11
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Fight Against Drugs Campaign in Conne River

May 13
Investment in Labrador Ski Club Increases Opportunities for Region

May 27
Fight Against Drugs Campaign Educating Aboriginal Youth

May 29
Improved Satellite Phone Service Secured for Labrador


June 1
Significant Work Continues on the Trans Labrador Highway

Media Advisory: Auditorium to be Named in Honour of Lawrence O�Brien

June 2
Labrador Performance Space Named in Honour of Lawrence O�Brien

June 8
More Work Announced for Trans Labrador Highway

June 10
Media Advisory: Provincial Government to Provide Update on Infrastructure Spending

June 11
Economy Strong as Province to Tender Over a Billion Dollars This Fiscal Year

June 19
National Aboriginal Day a Time to Celebrate Culture and Tradition



July 2
Labrador Affairs Minister Hosts Meetings with Deputy Premier of Nunavut
Construction Underway on New School for L�Anse au Loup

July 3
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Miawpukek First Nation�s Powwow

July 10
Media Advisory: Minister to Participate in Bay St. George Mi�kmaq Powwow

July 15
Provincial Wildlife Officials Plan George River Caribou Herd Census in 2010

July 17
Preparations for Cruise Ship Arrival Underway in Red Bay

July 21
Media Advisory: Minister to Survey Paving of Trans Labrador Highway

July 31
Government Questions Federal Commitment to Canada�s North



August 6
Trans Labrador Highway Being Fast-Tracked

August 7
New Facility Means Improved Opportunities for College Students in Labrador West
Media Advisory: Premier to Take Part in Unveiling of Hebron Memorial

August 10
Memorial to Former Residents of Hebron Unveiled

August 27
Labrador Outfitters to Study Trouting Season Extension



September 4
Labrador Straits to Improve Tourism Product

September 15
Labrador Friendship Centre Sustains Aboriginal Programs with Provincial Government Funding



October 2
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Unveiling of Memorial to Lawrence D. O�Brien

October 5
Media Advisory: Ministers to Attend Sisters in Spirit Vigil

October 6
Media Advisory: Ministers to Attend Official School Opening

October 9

Boardwalk Development Promotes Tourism on Labrador�s North Coast

October 13
Media Advisory: Coastal Stewardship Agreement Signings in Labrador

October 14
Media Advisory: Coastal Stewardship Agreement Signings in Labrador Postponed

October 16
Loan Program Established to Assist Low-Income Homeowners in Registering Oil Tanks

October 23
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meetings of NAWN and FNI


November 6
Media Advisory: Coastal Stewardship Agreement Signings in Labrador

November 9

Communities Surrounding St. Peter�s Bay Sign Coastal Stewardship Agreements

November 19
Battle Harbour to Undertake Improvements

November 20
Public Advisory: Air Foodlift Subsidy Program Commences for North Coast Communities and Black Tickle

November 27
Tender to be Called to Begin Construction of Regional Healthcare Facility in Labrador West



December 2
Ministerial Statement - Justice Camp Educates Youth in Hopedale

December 2
Amendments to Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Act Resolve Claims in Northern Labrador

December 9
Ministerial Statement - Labrador Transportation Grooming Subsidy Providing Vital Links to Isolated Communities

December 17
Petition on Air Ambulance Inaccurately Presented by Opposition in House of Assembly

December 18
Satellite Phone Service Expanded to Trans Labrador Highway, Phase III

December 21
Province Offering Additional Travel Services to Benefit Labrador Communities

December 22
Residents of Black Tickle to Benefit from Air Travel Subsidy

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