Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs - 2007

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January 18
Labrador Organizations Receive More Than $90,000 for Development Projects 

January 26
Initiatives Set to Market Province�s Trade and Transportation Potential

January 29
Minister Eager to Work with New Combined Councils of Labrador Executive

January 31
Air Foodlift Subsidy Program Resumes February 3 


February 6
Media Advisory: Ministers to Attend Northern Development Ministers Forum 

February 9
Northern Development Ministers� Meet to Discuss Development Issues Facing the North

February 12
Government Moving Forward with New Health Centre for Labrador West

February 14
Minister Pleased with Progress Achieved at Northern Development Forum

February 16
Delegation Heading to Nunavut to Explore Potential Alliances in Areas of Mutual Interest

February 23
Opportunities for Cooperation and Partnership Identified in Nunavut

February 27
Suicide Prevention Program to Proceed in Sheshatshiu


March 8
Media Advisory: Minister Responsible for Labrador Affairs to Address Labrador West Chamber of Commerce

March 13
Suicide Prevention Initiatives to Take Place in Southeastern Labrador

March 15
Fund Supports Winter Fun in Labrador

March 20
Suicide Prevention Initiatives to Raise Awareness Among Federation of Newfoundland Indians Youth

March 22
Government Supports Federal Bill to Implement the Kelowna Accord

March 26
Ministerial Statement - Second Annual Cain�s Quest Endurance Race

March 27
Media Advisory: News Conference Regarding Kidney Dialysis Unit in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

March 28
Tender to be Issued for Renovations for New Satellite Dialysis Unit in Happy Valley-Goose Bay


April 3
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Destination Labrador

April 5
Canada�s New Government and Province of Newfoundland and Labrador to Fund Construction of School for Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation (Version fran�aise)

April 11
Media Advisory: Minister Available to Media

April 19
Media Advisory: Premier to Launch Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador

April 20
Premier Launches Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador

April 30
Preparations for New College Campus Underway


May 4
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at First Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Student Competition

May 15
Government to Hold Northern Strategic Plan Public Information Sessions

May 18
Provincial and Nunatsiavut Governments Addressing Gas Shortage in Rigolet


June 4
Media Advisory: Announcement on Aerospace Initiative for Goose Bay
Provincial Aerospace Brings Surveillance Training to Happy Valley-Goose Bay

June 7
Media Advisory: National Aboriginal Women�s Summit to Meet in Corner Brook, June 20-22

June 15
Minister Pays Tribute to Apinam Pone

June 18
Media Advisory: Final Details to Media for National Aboriginal Women�s Summit in Corner Brook (Version fran�aise)

June 21
Premier Recognizes National Aboriginal Day as Province Hosts National Aboriginal Women�s Summit

June 22
Minister Meets With Provincial and Territorial Counterparts During National Aboriginal Women�s Summit
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at Expo Labrador

June 29
Transportation and Works Minister Meets with Counterpart from Nunavut
Government Announces Details of Labrador Coastal Electricity Rebate


July 24
Province Reminds Federal Government of Commitment to 5-Wing Goose Bay

July 27
Government to Hold Air Foodlift Subsidy Information Sessions
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at North West River Beach Festival


August 3
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at Labrador Canoe Regatta


September 10
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend 3rd Annual Atlantic Aboriginal Entrepreneur Awards Show

September 13
Media Advisory: Minister Hickey to Speak at Happy Valley-Goose Bay CNA Event

September 28
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Agricultural Conference


October 16
Minister Pays Tribute to First President of Labrador Inuit Association


November 9
Province Addressing Justice Issues in Labrador

November 21
Media Advisory: Ministers to Attend Northern Development Ministers Forum

November 22
Rigolet Receives Funding to Re-create Lord Strathcona House

November 23
Northern Development Ministers� Forum Highlights Successes (Version fran�aise)
Labrador Issues Discussed at Northern Development Ministers Forum

November 30
Minister Congratulates Federation of Newfoundland Indians on Signing of Agreement In Principle with Government of Canada


December 7
Ministers Announce Enhancements to Air Foodlift Subsidy Program

December 12
Province Providing Assistance to Maintain Rates in Diesel-Powered Communities

December 13
Provincial Government Adds Extra Ferry Run for Labrador Christmas Travellers

December 21
Funding Provided to Combat Violence in Aboriginal Communities

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