Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2009

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January 11
Media Advisory: Federal and Provincial Ministers Available to Media

January 15
Provincial Fisheries Research and Development Program Works to Grow and Diversify Industry

January 20
Industry to Vote on Seafood Marketing Council

January 26
Media Advisory: Minister to Tour Aquaculture Facilities on South Coast

January 28
Aquaculture Industry Growing by Leaps and Bounds on Provinceís South Coast


February 4
Industry Stakeholders Come Together to Produce Video on Fishing Vessel Safety

February 9
Provincial Funding Provided for Mussel Packaging Project

February 12
Funding Provided For Sealing Information Workshops
Province Disappointed by Results of Vote on Seafood Marketing Council

February 20
Provincial Government Continues Support of Student Cooking Competition

February 26
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Atlantic Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers Meeting

February 27
Media Advisory: Federal and Provincial Governments Join with Cooke Aquaculture to Invest in a Cod Demonstration Farm on Newfoundlandís South Coast

Atlantic Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers Meet


March 2
Government of Canada and Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Join with Cooke Aquaculture to Invest in a Cod Demonstration Farm on Newfoundlandís South Coast

March 3
Provincial Request for WTO Action Falls on Deaf Ears

March 5
Media Advisory: Minister to Deliver Keynote Address to Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association (NAIA) Conference

March 6
Media Advisory: Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture and Senator Hervieux-Payette Available to Media on Canadian Seal Harvest

March 11
New Ticketing Procedures to be Implemented by Fish Inspection Officers

March 12
Seafood Industry Year in Review Confirms One Billion Dollar Production Value

March 13
Marketing of Provinceís Seafood Products the Focus at Boston Seafood Show

March 26
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Annual General Meeting of Canadian Sealers Association
Economic Stimulus Investments in Budget 2009 Top $900 Million

March 30
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Addresses Proposed Seal Product Ban with EU Representatives


April 2
Federal Shrimp and Seal Quotas Create Uncertainty and Undermine Existing Participants

April 21
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Continues to Inform EU Representatives on Canadian Seal Harvest


May 5
Newfoundland and Labrador Calls on Prime Minister Harper to Deliver Message on Trade Action at Canada-EU Summit
Ministerial Statement - Aquaculture Infrastructure Announced for Province's South Coast

May 12
Ministerial Statement - Contract Finalized with Gray Aqua Farms Limited

May 13
Federal and Provincial Governments Invest in Deep Water Mussel Aquaculture

May 21
Fisheries Scholarship to Create Industry Awareness Among Graduating Students

May 29
Appreciation Expressed for Governor Generalís Support of Sealing Industry


June 8
World Ocean Day Art Contest Raises Awareness for Students

June 11
Site Clearing to Begin for Aquaculture Facility at St. Albanís
Whelk Processing and Market Development Project Funded in St. Lawrence

Media Advisory: Premier and Minister to Comment on the Fishery

June 16
Aquaculture Week 2009 Celebrates Fast-Paced Growth of Industry

June 17
Media Advisory: Minister to Meet with Federal Government on Aid for Lobster Harvesters
Province Willing to Eliminate Licensing Fees if Industry Reaches Agreement

June 19
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Graduation
Province Working Toward Long Term Solution for Lobster Fishery

June 30
Provincial Government has Demonstrated High Level of Commitment to Fishing Industry


July 14
Media Advisory: Minister to Hold News Conference with FFAW and ASP
Agreement Reached on Long-Term Development of Fishing Industry

July 17
Support Services Available for Plant Workers Affected by Closure of Englee Fish Plant

July 21
Province Funds Project to Develop a Sustainable Yellowtail Fishery

July 23
Provincial Government Provides $100,000 to Promote Deep Chill Shrimp Products

July 27
Newfoundland and Labrador Fully Supports Taking Trade Action on Seal Product Ban

July 28
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters

July 30
Minister Expresses Condolences on Passing of Father Des McGrath


August 10
Provincial Government Supports Fishing Industry Energy Efficiency Initiatives

August 12
Minister Announces Appointments to Fish Processing Licensing Board

August 13
Minister Announces Members of Steering Committee for Agreement on Fishing Industry Restructuring


September 9
Media Advisory: Minister to Participate in Provincial Fisheries Forum

September 16
Atlantic Lobster Promoted Across the Country

September 28
NAFO Ignores Scientific Advice: Further Proof of Need for Custodial Management


October 1
Province Supports Improved Marketing of Cod and Yellowtail

October 2
Minister Awards Second Annual Fisheries and Aquaculture Scholarship

October 5
Employment Assistance Available for Fish Harvesters and Fish Plant Workers

October 6
Employment Assistance Program Demonstrates Continued High Level of Commitment to Fishing Industry

October 9
Whelk Fishery Supported by Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program

October 15
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meetings of Canadian and Atlantic Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers

October 16
Atlantic Fisheries Ministers Agree to Collaborate on Sustainability

October 26
Media Advisory: Provincial Government and CCFI to Hold Joint News Conference
CCFI to Continue Providing Top Quality Fisheries Research

October 28
Significant Progress Made in Reducing European Seafood Tariffs

October 29
Media Advisory: Minister to Appear Before Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans


November 12
Province Continues Seafood Market Development in China

November 18
Fisheries Working Groups Moving Forward With Financial Analysis of Industry
NAFO Fails to Protect Canadian Stocks Again

November 20
Province Pleased With Standing Committee Decision on NAFO Convention
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Springdale and Area Chamber of Commerce

November 30
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Fish, Food and Allied Workers Convention


December 2
Minister Encourages Collaboration to Address Structural Issues in the Fishing Industry

December 7
Province Calls on Federal Government to Reject Amendments to NAFO Convention

December 9
Ministerial Statement - Update on the Centre for Aquaculture Health and Development

December 11
Province Calls on Government of Canada to Follow Vote of Own Parliament

December 30
Media Advisory: Minister Available to Media Following Meeting with FFAW and ASP

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