Municipal Affairs - 2006

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January 5
Minister calls for commitment from federal leaders to assist victims of Stephenville flood

January 11
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Jack Byrne to Address Road Builders/Heavy Civil Association Inc.


February 13
Minister announcing online applications for capital works projects

February 17
Municipal Assessment Agency - Board member elected

February 21
Municipal Assessment Agency - Chairperson elected


March 3
Ministers announce relocation of Stephenville flood victims

March 17
Government adopts integrated approach in preparing for health emergencies including pandemic influenza

March 31
Notice of Daylight Savings Time


April 3
Ministerial Statement - Stephenville flood response

April 4
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

April 6
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to address Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors


May 8
Ministerial Statement - Emergency Preparedness Week

May 23
Ministerial Statement - Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Municipalities Annual Symposium


June 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister addressing Association of Fire Chiefs and Firefighters

June 26
Minister announces $80,000 for fire services and fire prevention


July 19
Minister applauds service sharing initiative on waste management

July 21
Government accepting applications for 2006-07, Community Enhancement Program

July 27
Water and sewer expenditures highlight capital works programs


August 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: Announcement in Newfoundland and Labrador on federal gas tax sharing

August 10
Newfoundland and Labrador cities and towns to receive over $82 million through federal gas tax funding

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August 23
Government to review St. John’s Agriculture Development Area


September 5
Minister announces details of Flood to Fires Training Program

September 6
Province invests $1.9 million in capital works projects for District of Trinity North

September 11
Minister provides update on gas tax funding

Province invests $343,000 in capital works projects for Bonavista North

September 12
Newfoundland and Labrador Emergency Measures Organization - Adverse weather conditions expected from Hurricane Florence

September 13
New Fire and Emergency Services web site
NOTE TO EDITORS: Update on Tropical Storm Florence


October 4
Municipal Assessment Agency - Assessment Notices Mailed

October 5
Municipal Assessment Agency - Board Members Elected

October 6
Prevent Cooking Fires Watch What You Heat Theme for 2006 Fire Prevention Week

October 11
Minister Announces Restoration of Funding to Community Enhancement Program

October 26
Three Western Newfoundland Communities to Benefit from the Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund

Port au Port West-Aguathuna-Felix Cove to Benefit from the Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund
Stephenville Crossing to Benefit from the Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund
Centreville-Wareham-Trinity to Benefit from the Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund

October 27
Town of Bay Roberts to Repair Forcemain Leak with Contribution Under Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund

Riverhead, St. Mary’s Bay, to Upgrade Water Line Through Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund

October 30
Government Expands Employment Support for Fish Plant Workers


November 17
Ministers Commit to Finding Solution to Nicholsville Bridge Issue

November 20
Minister Announces $375,000 to Stephenville and Kippens for Waste Management

November 23
Minister Announces Preparation and Response to Scheduled Aliant Repairs

November 27
Larger Municipalities Will Retain $1.4 Mllion in Municipal Operating Grants

November 30
Emergency Planning and Response Exercise a Success


December 19
Minister Urges Safety and Emergency Preparedness During Holidays 

December 20
St. Anthony First Municipality to Benefit from Gas Tax Agreement

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