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Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs - 2002

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January 10
Tourism celebration announced for 2002

January 23
Cabinet committee visits Labrador Region of the Strategic Social Plan


March 5
Gateway Labrador receives funding for new interpretation and information centre

March 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: Ministers to participate in Access North~Labrador 2002 events - March 10

March 21
NOTE TO EDITORS: News Conference - Subject: Significant transportation initiatives
Department continues progress in carrying out mandate


Budget focuses on Labrador

March 22
Changes to Labrador transportation services announced
Ministers provide details of province�s commitment to build Phase III of Trans Labrador Highway


April 10
Delegation to explore options for wind-turbine energy for southern Labrador

April 11
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference - re: Accessing programs and services for members of FNI

April 12
Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador and Federation of Newfoundland Indians enter exploratory discussions - Version fran�aise

April 24
McLean pleased with Judge Igloliorte�s appointment to Royal Commission


June 11
Voisey�s Bay Project to proceed

BACKGROUNDERS - Voisey�s Bay Project

Statement of Principles Voisey�s Bay Project

Statement of Principles - Access sites

June 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: Access North 2002 - June 25, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

June 25
Province announces official air carrier for Access North


July 5
Minister questions comments from Opposition Leader

July 10
Ministers discuss PUB recommendations with Labrador West delegation

July 12
Minister urges Donner Minerals to follow adjacency principle

July 17
Ministers pleased with report on managing and marketing of 5 Wing Goose Bay

July 25
Minister says Ottawa�s transportation priorities should include Trans-Labrador Highway


August 14
Government officials to meet with Egg Producers of Newfoundland and Labrador

August 21
Exhibit on Moravian presence in Labrador opens in St. John�s

August 26
Minister pleased with discussions with Labrador M�tis Nation


September 24
Minister McLean attends northern forum, stresses importance of improving infrastructure

September 25
Province provides final installment of $1 million commitment to Innu Recreation Centres Campaign


October 3
Province reaches agreement with Labrador M�tis Nation on forestry development

October 11
Voisey�s Bay Environmental Management Board announced

October 15
Government committed to Northern Agrifoods Development Strategy

October 17
Ministers meet with Egg Producers of Newfoundland and Labrador

October 24
NOTE TO EDITORS: Ministers to attend launch of Labrador Through Moravian Eyes - October 28, Happy Valley-Goose Bay


November 26
Ministerial Statement - Premier to host Gull Island project discussion - November 27, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

November 28
Ministerial Statement - Results of roundtable discussion on Gull Island Project

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