Statements 1996 - By Date

March, April, May, June, November, December


March 22
Premier pays tribute to the late Katherine Murphy

March 25
Mines and Energy - Successful Request for Bids for Onshore Western Newfoundland

March 26
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Local Government Awareness Week, April 22-28

March 29
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Art Procurement Program completed


April 23
Finance - Sales tax harmonization

April 29
Education - Fiscal measures


May 24
Education - Cancellation of public exams

May 27
Government Services and Lands - Market value pricing policy

May 30
Industry, Trade and Technology - Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada

May 31
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Tourism Awareness Month


June 3
Works, Services and Transportation - National Transportation Week.

June 5
Government Services and Lands - New Crown lands market value pricing policy

June 7
Works, Services and Transportation - Provincial Capital Roads Program for fiscal year 1996/1997

June 11
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Art Procurement Program review released
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Air Access Study Released
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Clarification regarding hiring of employee at Nfld Farm Products
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Importance of Agrifood Industry

June 13
Mines and Energy - Royalty regime

June 14
Works, Services and Transportation - Questions regarding tender for refurbishing buses
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Resource Road Program contracts

June 17
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Silvicultural Program

June 18
Health - Government purchases Grace Hospital
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Projects for Gros Morne National Park

June 30
Education - Consolidation of school boards


November 18
Finance - Midyear update on financial position for 1996-97 fiscal year
Education - Special Matters: The Report of the Review of Special Education

November 19
Works, Services and Transportation - All-weather transportation system in Labrador
Legislation before the fall sitting of the House of Assembly
Minister responsible for Labrador - Government initiatives in Labrador
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Appointment of 15 members to new Professional Fish Harvesters' Certification Board

November 20
Social Services - National Child Day
Education - Third International Mathematics and Science Study
Mines and Energy - Burin Minerals Ltd.

November 21
Education - Public Consultation on Education
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - The status of the American Marten

November 25
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - The School Milk Program

November 26
Executive Council - Foreign over-fishing
Environment and Labour - New Construction Safety Association

November 27
Executive Council - General Government Pay Equity Agreement reached
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - New council for Conception Bay South

November 28
Finance - Release of Quarterly Economic Review - November 1996
Executive Council - Marystown Shipyard Limited

November 29
Social Services - Ministerial Council on Social Policy Renewal
Health - Delivery of health care services in the Burin, Bonavista and Clarenville regions


December 2
Justice - Government makes settlement offers to Mount Cashel claimants
Minister responsible for Labrador - Labradorians to share fully in the economic benefits of Voisey's Bay development
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - New and Aggressive Marketing Initiative for Cabot 500

December 3
Development and Rural Renewal - Expansion of Internet Services to Rural Newfoundland
Government Services and Lands - Challenging Responses to Changing Times - New Proposals for Occupational Regulation
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Fur Strategy for Newfoundland and Labrador

December 4
Mines and Energy - Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd.
Environment and Labour - Transshipment terminal released from further environmental assessment by province

December 5
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Federal/Provincial Farm Business Management Agreement
Education - Amendments to Term 17
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Northern shrimp; response to federal announcement

December 6
Minister Responsible for the Status of Women - National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
Executive Council - 25th anniversary of Churchill Falls hydroelectric development
Development and Rural Renewal - Newfoundland Alliance of Technical Industries' bid to attract Softworld '98

December 9
Development and Rural Renewal - Regional Economic Development Board Update
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Inland Fish and Wildlife Advisory Council and Provincial Conservation and Stewardship Stamp

December 10
Environment and Labour - 48th Anniversary of Signing of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

December 11
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Agriculture Awareness campaign in Newfoundland and Labrador
Social Services - Government Home Support Program

December 12
Executive Council -Appointment of Lieutenant-Governor
Fisheries and Aquaculture - 1997 capelin fishery
Education - High School Drama Festival to be part of Cabot Celebration

December 13
Finance - Decrease in RST on vehicle sales
Education - Reports on student performance

December 16
Environment and Labour - Consultant to develop labour relations framework for offshore production platforms
Executive Council - Appointment of Chief Electoral Officer and Commissioner of Members' Interests

December 18
Mines and Energy - Iron Ore Company of Canada

December 19
Mines and Energy - Hydro completes connection of Westport and Purbeck's Cove to main island electrical transmission system

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