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December 3, 1996
(Government Services and Lands)

The following statement was issued today by Ernest McLean, Minister of Government Services and Lands. It was also read in the House of Assembly:

I am pleased today to table a White Paper entitled Challenging Responses To Changing Times - New Proposals For Occupational Regulation. This White Paper examines existing statutes related to regulation of occupations and contains proposals to promote comprehensive and consistent practices and procedures.

Government intervention in the regulation of occupations is justified as a way to protect the public from potential harm. As occupations grew and practitioners began to deliver services in this province, statutory frameworks were established. Unfortunately there has never been a uniform policy to guide the creation of these frameworks and, as a result, many inconsistencies now exist.

This White Paper highlights the need to reconsider these statutory frameworks and the procedures which they have put in place. The paper outlines a process to determine whether, and what kind of, regulation might be necessary. It proceeds from the premise that occupations which are already self-governing should be allowed to operate freely as long as the public is protected. It suggests changes to promote public accountability and to ensure the public has access to information about the self-governing occupations. The paper outlines a new disciplinary model and proposes the creation of a uniform board to provide an effective and cost-efficient discipline process for the self-governing occupations.

This White Paper encourages a critical look at self-governance, puts forward suggestions for change, and asks for public input. The goals are:

  • to ensure comprehensive and consistent practices
  • to improve public protection through the establishment of efficient and effective disciplinary mechanisms;
  • to engender more public trust in the process of self- governance;
  • to ensure practitioners are dealt with fairly.

Comments on the proposals contained in this paper are welcome. Everyone has a stake in the regulation of these occupational services. Members of the self-governing occupations and the public are encouraged to provide written comments by January 31, 1997.

Copies of the White Paper are available from the Communications Division of the Department of Government Services and Lands. It is also available at government's Internet site (/publicat/gsl/occreg.htm). Written comments should be forwarded to the Deputy Minister, Department of Government Services and Lands, Confederation Building or e-mailed to the Internet site.

1996 12 03   2:30 p.m.

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