Minister Responsible for the Status of Women - 2009

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January 15
Province Supporting Immigrant Women Adapt to New Home


February 2
Taking Action Against Violence February is Violence Prevention Month

February 5
The Effects of Violence Take the Stage in St. John's

February 12
Media Advisory: Author Brian Vallee to Visit Province for Violence Prevention Month


March 2
Aboriginal Women Share Their Perspectives during Annual Conferencer

March 4
Provincial Government Supports Safe Haven for Women and Children on North Coast of Labrador

March 6
Minister Proclaims International Women’s Day 2009

March 26
Standing Strong in the Fight Against Poverty

March 30
Province Invests in Social, Cultural and Economic Advancement of Women


April 6
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Federal-Provincial-Territorial Status of Women Meeting

April 8
Minister Attends Federal/Provincial/Territorial Meeting to Advance the Status of Women

April 9
27th Annual Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers Responsible for the Status of Women

April 29
New Marketing Campaign Targets Violence Prevention


May 5
Minister Announces New President and Board for Advisory Council



June 10
Violence Prevention Campaign Targets Male Violence Against Women

June 15
Minister Announces Sessions for Women Interested in Running for Municipal Government


August 10
Information Session for Women Interested in Municipal Politics

August 18
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Opening of New Office for Multicultural Women’s Organization of Newfoundland and Labrador


September 4
Williams Government Supports Career Exploration Opportunities for Young Women

September 14
Partners Break the Silence on Sexual Violence  


October 2
Ministers Encourage Nominations for School Board Elections

October 5
Media Advisory: Ministers to Attend Sisters in Spirit Vigil

October 8
Female Athletes Recognized During Women’s History Month

October 27
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Silent Witness Project Launch

October 28
Project Launched to Remember Women Killed in Domestic Homicides


November 16
Media Advisory: Speakers to Address the Prevention of Violence Against Children at Provincial Conference

November 17
Annual Conference Dedicated to Preventing Violence Against Children


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