Newfoundland Labrador Housing Corporation - 2009

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January 19
Media Advisory: Official Funding Announcement for Construction of Choices for Youth Lilly Building Project

January 20
Lilly Building Project Will Provide Housing and Opportunities for Youth




April 9
Sod-Turning Marks Start of Cabot Habitat and Newfoundland Labrador Housing Build




May 20
Media Advisory: Official Opening of Eastern Gate Manor
More Affordable Housing Being Made Available in St. Johnís

May 21
Media Advisory: Important Housing Investment Announcement

May 22
Affordable Housing in Newfoundland and Labrador Gets a $93 Million Boost


June 8
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Request for Affordable Housing Proposals Issued



July 9
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Media Advisory: New Affordable Housing Development to Officially Open in Peterview

July 10
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Peterview Celebrates New Affordable Housing



August 11
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Media Advisory: Minister to Release Provincial Social Housing Plan
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Building Secure Foundations: A Social Housing Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador

August 13
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Media Advisory: Affordable Housing Development Officially Opens in Lewisporte

August 14
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Affordable Housing Complex Officially Opens in Lewisporte

August 20
Investing in Affordable Housing Would Bolster Economy, Help Ease Housing Shortages
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Provincial/Territorial Housing Ministersí Meeting



September 4
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Wigmore Manor Apartments to be Renovated

September 8
Contract Awarded for Renovations on Greenwood Crescent

September 10

Roof Renovations Underway on Chalker Place

September 11
Media Advisory: Kinsmen Open New Seniorís Complex in Marystown

September 14
More Housing Options for Burin Seniors

September 18
Media Advisory: Dedication of New Regional Housing Office in Corner Brook

September 21
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - New Regional Housing Office Named After the Late Joe Mullins

September 25
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Gander Conference Marks 24 Years of Tenant Volunteerism


October 16
Loan Program Established to Assist Low-Income Homeowners in Registering Oil Tanks



November 4
Two of Six New Housing Units for Empire Avenue West Fully Accessible

November 13
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Hoyles Avenue Housing Units to be Renovated

November 17
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Pleasantville Buildings Receive New Roofing

November 20
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Roof Replacements Underway in Three St. Johnís Neighbourhoods

November 23
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - New Windows and Doors for Gander Units

November 27
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Stephenville Units Receive New Windows



December 4
Fortune Units Undergoing Exterior Renovations

December 9
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Nearly $1 Million in Retrofits Slated for Freshwater Road Housing Units

December 10
Housing Units to Be Converted to Electric Heat

December 11
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Froude Avenue Community Centre Parking Lot to be Upgraded

December 14
Newfoundland Labrador Housing: New Kitchen Cabinets Slated for St. Johnís Housing Units

December 16
Newfoundland Labrador Housing - Students Awarded Scholarships Sponsored by Housing

December 21
Ministerial Statement - Six New Accessible Housing Units to Open in Stephenville

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