The Rooms Corporation - 2007

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January 12
The Rooms Corporation - Deadline Extended for Provincial Art Procurement Program


March 1
The Rooms Corporation - Media Advisory: Bateman Get to Know Contest to launch at The Rooms, Friday, March 2 at 9:30 a.m.


May 10
The Rooms Corporation - Comprehensive Exhibition of Anne Meredith Barry's Work to Open at The Rooms

May 17
The Rooms Corporation - The Battery Exhibit Reflecting Changing Outport Communities Opens Today


July 20
The Rooms Corporation - Vibrant Exhibit Line-Up and Provincial Treasures on Display Make For a Special Experience at The Rooms


August 15
The Rooms Corporation - Media Advisory: Early Twentieth Century Photography Exhibit to Officially to Open at The Rooms, Thursday, August 16

August 17
The Rooms Corporation - Photography Exhibit Capturing Visual History of the Province Opens at The Rooms


October 11
Media Advisory: Two Contemporary Exhibitions Opening at The Rooms, Friday, October 12

October 17
The Rooms Corporation - Directors Announced for The Rooms Provincial Museum and The Rooms Regional Museums


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