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Government Services - 2004
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January 12
Essay contest for young people with investment savvy

January 15
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Regulated maximum fuel prices released for Newfoundland and Labrador
Charges laid against inspection station, mechanic and truck owner

January 19
Consumer ministers meet in Winnipeg

January 22
Charges laid in tractor-trailer accident


February 10
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Commission updates Web and e-mail addresses
RRSP deadline fast approaching

February 16
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Adjustments occur on all regulated fuels in province

February 23
Registrar and trucking company agree to a safety plan


March 2
Consumers warned about scams

March 5
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Commission interrupts pricing schedule for gasoline adjustment
Trucking industry information sessions

March 16
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Commission releases maximum fuel prices effective March 15

March 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier and Minister to hold news conference today, March 17
Government achieves rate reductions for consumers

March 25
Ministerial Statement - Consumer protection information

March 29
Ministerial Statement - Minister discusses highway safety enforcement


April 1
Roofing company sentenced for health and safety violations

April 2
Emergency services available at some Government Service Centres

April 7
Health and safety regulations still apply during strike

April 15
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Maximum fuel prices released effective April 15

April 29
Motor Registration Division working to clear up backlog
Deadline for removal of studded tires extended


May 3
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Commission makes early adjustment to maximum fuel prices

May 11
Department announces changes to weigh-scale operations

May 15
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Maximum fuel prices released effective April 15: Commissioner expresses concern over looming fuel-price crisis

May 17
Changes to driver examination services

May 18
Ministerial Statement - Petroleum Products Pricing Commission

May 27
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Director (acting) appointed for Petroleum Products Pricing Commission

May 28
Petroleum Products Pricing Commission - Supply concerns lead to removal of price freeze for Zone 10a

May 31
Government introduces auto insurance reform legislation


June 9
Auto insurance reform passes the House of Assembly

June 14
Registries of Deeds and Companies go modern

June 15
Petroleum Pricing Office - Maximum prices released effective June 15

June 18
Winner of financial I.Q. essay contest announced

June 29
Credit unions record banner year


July 8
Charges laid resulting from explosion in Botwood

July 14
Public comments invited on building accessibility

July 15
Petroleum Pricing Office - Fuel-price adjustments effective July 15


August 2
Government introduces a new and improved search engine
Auto insurance reform is here

August 3
Petroleum Pricing Office - Regular schedule to adjust diesel fuel prices gets interrupted

August 6
Petroleum Pricing Office - Early adjustment to home heating prices

August 12
On-line service provides enhanced consumer protection

August 16
Petroleum Pricing Office - Maximum prices released for regulated fuels

August 23
Government releases study on homeowner, commercial and marine insurance


September 9
Regulations ensure safety of occupational divers

September 15
Petroleum Pricing Office - Regulated fuel prices little changed after market experiences wide movement

September 21
Notice to Motor Registration Division customers

September 24
Consumer advocate appointed for public insurance hearings

September 27
Petroleum Pricing Office: Petroleum Pricing Office makes early pricing adjustment for distillate fuels


October 1
Petroleum Pricing Office: Petroleum Pricing Office interrupts normal pricing schedule for gasoline
Government considering changes to crew composition for diving operations

October 8
Petroleum Pricing Office - Diesel prices see early adjustment by Petroleum Pricing Office
Government delays application of crew composition requirements
for seafood harvesting industry

October 15
Petroleum Pricing Office: Maximum fuel prices released by Petroleum Pricing Office

October 18
Government releases Terms of Reference for insurance hearing

October 25
Petroleum Pricing Office: Early pricing adjustment warranted for home heating fuel

October 27
Charges laid in relation to accident in Wabush 


November 8
Petroleum Pricing Office - Interruption formula used to adjust gasoline, home heating prices downward
Petroleum Pricing Office - Interruption formula used to decrease diesel prices

November 15
Petroleum Pricing Office - Downturn in markets reduce most fuel prices in Newfoundland and Labrador

November 19
Minister encourages everyone to wear their seatbelts

November 29
Ministerial Statement - Passport system of securities regulation

November 30
Occupational Health and Safety Branch findings consistent with consultant's report


December 2
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference on accountability and transparency
Government moves forward with accountability and transparency agenda
Consumer Advisory - Globe Mini-Spiral 13-watt bulb

December 3
Hazard alert - Carbon monoxide poisoning

December 8
Ministerial Statement - Canadian Financial Services Ombudsnetwork

December 10
Charges laid in fatal industrial accident in Lewisporte

December 15
Petroleum Pricing Office - Maximum regulated fuel prices released

December 20
Legislation passes to help small businesses improve workplace safety

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