Statements 1998 - By Date

March, April, May, June, November, December


March 23
Justice - Donation to Newfoundland and Labrador Ground Search and Rescue
Fisheries and Aquaculture- Impending Termination of TAGS and  Report of  Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans

March 24
Works, Services and Transportation - Labrador Marine Service
Industry, Trade and Technology - Marystown Shipyard
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Wheelchair Sports Funding Announcement

March 25
Works, Services and Transportation - Provincial water bombers contracted to North Carolina
Justice - International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 27
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Come by Chance Oil Refinery Fire

March 30
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Government assistance for municipalities to purchase computer technology equipment

March 31
Environment and Labour - Operations suspended at Come by Chance Oil Refinery
Works, Services and Transportation - Public Tender


April 1
Development and Rural Renewal- TAGS replacement program
Health and Community Services - Recalling Schneider Lunchmate Snack Products

April 2
Executive Council - Easter Sunday declared a provincial holiday

April 3
Justice - Government accepts recommendations of Select Committee on RNC arming policy

April 6
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Come by Chance Oil Refinery Fire
Human Resources and Employment- National Child Benefit
Forest Resources and Aqrifoods - Sawmill industry

April 7
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Decision on St. John's municipal plan amendment for Mount Cashel property
Environment and Labour - Amendment to Shops Closing Act
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Hunting regulations to benefit persons with disabilities

April 27
Mines and Energy - Results of calls for proposals of  former Baie Verte asbestos mine
Education - Release of Comprehensive Report on Post-Secondary Education

April 28
Environment and Labour - National Day of Mourning


May 4
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Government initiatives helping municipalities to maintain financial stability
Justice - Child Find's Green Ribbon of Hope Month

May 5
Health and Community Services - Hepatitis C

May 6
Education - Air quality testing in schools

May 7
Justice - Judicial inquiry into death of Adam Okkuatsiak at the Labrador Correctional Center

May 8
Justice - Ground Search and Rescue

May 11
Justice - Police week in Canada

May 12
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Last week's Media Marketplace in Toronto
Finance - Bank of Montreal regional outlook
Health - National Nursing Week, May 11 - 17

May 13
Executive Council -  Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board appointed

May 14
Education - School repair and maintenance
Works, Services and Transportation - Contracts awarded for work on Trans Labrador Highway
Education - Public consultations on literacy to be held in province

May 19
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Management plan for northern shrimp
Industry, Trade and Technology  - BPS Imaging Partnerships
Environment and Labour - North American Occupational Health and Safety Week, May 18 - 24
Mines and Energy -  Churchill River Power Projects

May 20
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Nain Banker leased to Labrador Fishermen's Union Shrimp Company Limited

May 21
Works, Services and Transportation - Changes to Public Tender Act
Fisheries and Aquaculture -  Government selling Lawn fish plant to Grand Atlantic Incorporated
Education - School building and property acquisitions

May 22
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Silviculture initiatives

May 25
Human Resources and Employment - New funds for National Child Benefit
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Diversification efforts pay off for Red Bay

May 26
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Introduction of steep slope cable logging practices in Western Newfoundland
Human Resources and Employment - Launch of Money Smarts Program
Tourism, Culture and Recreation -  Minister announces conditional approval for T'Railway Provincial Park to remain a multi-use provincial park from Octagon Pond to Holyrood
Industry, Trade and Technology - BPS Imaging Partnership

May 27
Human Resources and Employment - Employability assistance for people with disabilities
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Learn Not To Burn Program
Education - Third National Forum on Education
Industry, Trade and Technology - "Information Technology - Closing the Human Resources Gap in Newfoundland and Labrador" report released

May 28
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Increase in 3Ps cod quota good news for economy
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Newfoundland and Labrador Agriculture Awareness campaign
Development and Rural Renewal - Release of "Getting the Message Out" CD-ROM

May 29
Education - Interim agreement on church owned school property
Development and Rural Renewal - Regional Economic Development Boards
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Minister introduces commercial cranberry industry


June 1
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Working capital fund for shellfish sector
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - New housing repair program

June 2
Works, Services and Transportation - Transportation Week 1998
Development and Rural Renewal - Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation

June 3
Government Services and Lands - New graduated drivers licencing program

June 4
Works, Services and Transportation - Janeway Redevelopment

June 5
Executive Council - May labour force survey


November 16
Finance - Mid-Year Financial Report
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Come By Chance oil refinery fire/explosion
Environment and Labour - Tentative agreement reached in Abitibi-Consolidated Labour dispute

November 17
Mines and Energy - Amendments to Mineral Act

November 18
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Overview of  fishing industry performance to date
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Silviculture projects
Development and Rural Renewal - Crafts Week

November 19
Education - Review of  Private Training and   Institutions Act and Regulations - Interim Report
Mines and Energy - Official opening of Transshipment Terminal, Whiffen Head
Development and Rural Renewal - Progress report on regional economic development boards

November 20
Health and Community Services - National Child Day
Executive Council - Offshore Skills Training Fund - Version franšaise
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Corner Brook Triathlon
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - The Newfoundland Pony

November 23
Health and Community Services - New Child Welfare legislation
Education - Post-secondary awards program
Development and Rural Renewal - Coast of Bays Promotional Package

November 24
Health and Community Services - Funds for child care to allow teenage mothers to complete high school
Forest Resources and Resources - Co-operative initiative to develop cranberry industry
Development and Rural Renewal - Strategic Enterprise Development Fund

November 25
Industry, Trade and Technology - Overview of benefits from natural resource developments
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Agrifoods industry in Newfoundland and Labrador
Work, Services and Transportation - Outer Ring Road official opening
Ministerial Statement- Outer Ring Road official opening

November 26
Executive Council - Advisory Council on Economy and Technology report on major benefits principles
Health and Community Services - Death at St. Clare's Hospital
Health and Community Services - Funding for child care services

November 27
Development and Rural Renewal - Update on Outdoor Resources Consultation Process

November 30
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Preliminary results of 1998 tourism season
Fisheries and Aqulculture - United Nations Agreement on High Seas Fisheries
Education - St. John's regional youth parliament and awards to MUN debating team a Atlantic competition


December 1
Human Resources and Employment - Strategic Social Plan
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Endangered Species Act
Health and Community Services - World AIDS Day

December 2
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Fishing industry update
Industry, Trade and Technology - Operation ONLINE
Environment and Labour - Legislation in response to Statutory Review Committee Report on Workers' Compensation Act
Executive Council - Resignation of Minister

December 3
Mines and Energy - Brook Hunt study on Voisey's Bay Project
Human Resources and Employment - Award for SWASP program
Health and Community Services - International Day of Disabled Persons
Works, Services and Transportation - Christmas tree-lighting ceremony

December 4
Executive Council - National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
Finance - Labour force statistics

December 7
Works, Services and Transportation - Information on road conditions
Government Services and Lands - Appointments to board of directors of Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
Environment and Labour - Canada-Russia Cooperative Environmental Decision-making Project

December 8
Health and Community Services - New funding for child care services
Industry, Trade and Technology - Iceland delegation arrives for charter shopping tour
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Minister responses to editorial published in today's edition of The Telegram

December 9
Health and Community Services - International Year of Older Persons
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Reports regarding   implementation of Conservation Stamp

December 10
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Water taxes on provincial government buildings in the city

December 11
Education - Private Training Legislation
Environment and Labour - Release of report into Makinsons Contaminated Site Remediation Project

December 14
Ministerial Statement - Transfer of St. John's airport to St. John's International Airport Authority
Industry, Trade and Technology - Update on trade relationship between Newfoundland and Labrador and Cuba

December 15
Finance - InfoTel
Development and Rural Renewal - Status of province's investment in Canadian Blood Bank
Health and Community Services - Review of regional institutional boards

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