Minister Responsible for the Status of Women - 2006

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January 19
Violence Awareness and Action Training in Labrador

January 26
Minister welcomes Nunatsiavut Status of Women Minister


February 1
February is Violence Prevention Month

February 3
Minister invites women to express interest in Provincial Advisory Council on Status of Women

February 18
Minister provides update on recruitment process for PACSW

February 20
Minister proclaims Women’s Institute Week

February 22
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Historic meeting for Status of Women ministers

February 23
Historic meeting for Status of Women Ministers


March 2
Ministers announce provinces first conference for Aboriginal women

March 6
Minister proclaims International Women’s Week

March 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: Aboriginal Women’s Conference in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

March 15
Issues of importance discussed at first ever province-wide Aboriginal women’s conference



April 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister unveils details of unprecedented $1.25 million for violence prevention

April 4
New action plan for lasting impact on incidence of violence in province

April 12
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Burke to speak to women in medicine

April 26
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister Burke to address Women at Work Luncheon


July 13
Minister to meet with status of women and violence prevention groups in central


August 4
Minister to discuss child care and challenges for women on Northern Peninsula

August 7
The Path to the Good Life report on the Aboriginal women’s conference released

August 9
Projects target violence prevention for Aboriginal communities

August 11
Minister's meetings with women on the Burin Peninsula a success

August 16
Minister attends violence prevention meetings in Clarenville


September 11
Minister Burke declares September 11-15 Sexual Violence Awareness Week


November 20
Women’s History Month Writing Contest Winner Selected

Ministerial Statement - Violence Prevention Initiative

November 24
Aboriginal Women Join Forces for Second Provincial Conference



December 6
Ministerial Statement - Minister Marks National Day of Remembrance and Action

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