Statements 1997 - By Date

March, April, May, November, December


March 13
Premier - Formation of new Premier's Advisory Council on Economy and Technology
Social Services - Information about National Child Benefit

March 18
Development and Rural Renewal - Appointments to Board of Directors Film Development Corporation
Social Services - Post Adoption Services

March 20
Social Services - Training Program for Foster Parents

March 24
Human Resources and Employment- Labour Market Development Agreement

March 25
Justice - Conduct certificates provided free of charge to volunteers of non-profit organizations
Health - Incentive package for recruitment and retention of rural doctor

March 26
Government Services and Lands - New Government Service Centre to open in Labrador City/Wabush

March 27
Education - Controversy surrounding school designation process in District #5
Finance - Provincial Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Rebate for Housing in Labrador
Development and Rural Renewal - Future of telecentres in province
Tourism Culture and Recreation - 1997 Provincial Drama Festival


April 22
Mines and Energy - Plans to drill delineation well in the Hebron area of Grand Banks

April 23
Human Resources and Employment - Criteria for Provincial Student Summer Employment Programs
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Developments respecting northern shrimp fishery

April 24
Finance - Provincial economy shows gains in first quarter

April 25
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - 1997/98 Municipal Capitial Works Program and Infrastructure Works Agreement


May 1
Industry, Trade and Technology - Trade mission to Scotland

May 6
Health - Salary increases for rural doctors
Environment and Labour - Status of Green Back - Trash to Cash Program

May 7
Education - Clarification regarding teacher layoffs

May 12
Justice - Police Week in Canada
Works, Services and Transportation - Air ambulance services in province
Health - Health Forum

May 13
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Clarification regarding Baie Verte tannery
Health - National Nurses Week, May 12-18

May 14
Environment and Labour - Collective agreement finalized between Newfoundland Transshipment and Newfoundland and Labrador Building and Construction Trades Council
Health - Cardiac surgery wait list

May 15
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Ninth park privatized

May 16
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Tidy Towns program launched in province
Works, Services and Transportation - Highway maintenance and snow clearing on Avalon Peninsula


November 17
Government House Leader - Legislative Agenda
Finance - Mid-Year Financial Statement

November 18
Development and Rural Renewal - Meetings of Commons Fisheries Committee
Health - Drug Awareness Week
Environment and Labour- Status of environmental conditions at Come by Chance refinery

November 19
Works, Services and Transportation - Operation of blind trusts
Premier - Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Cabinet ministers

November 20
Human Resources and Employment- National Child Day
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Seal Fishery
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Province has top per capita Law Enforcement Torch Run in the world
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Cabot 500 anniversary celebrations
Human Resources and Employment - Income support and strike action

November 21
Development and Rural Renewal - Collective Enterprise Development Agreement

November 24
Fisheries and Aquaculture - marketing of snow crab in Japan

November 25
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Western Newfoundland Model Forest
Government Services and Lands - ATV regulations
Development and Rural Renewal - Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Sealing conference

November 26
Environment and Labour - Review of Statutory Review Committe Report of Workers' Compensation Act
Health - Cardiac surgery

November 27
Fisheries and Aquaculture- Labrador Transportation Initiative Fund
Health - Report of Commission of Enquiry into Blood System in Canada

November 28
Justice - Government to re-examine full arming of Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
Justice - White Ribbon Campaign (Nov28 - Dec6)


December 1
Justice - Select Committee of House of Assembly to examine arming policy of RNC
Justice - Trade mission to Iceland and Ireland
Mines and Energy- Information on emergency procedures following gas leak at Hibernia platform
Health - World AIDS Day, December 1

December 3
Development and Rural Renewal - Minister comments on TAGS

December 4
Development and Rural Renewal - House of Commons' Fisheries Committee meetings
Environment and Labour - Oil spill response capabilities
Executive Council- Government House Leader responds to editorial on "Arming the RNC"
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Commercial caribou licence issued in Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation - Review of the rental scale for tenants

December 5
Executive Council - Funding for core services at Women's Centres
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Newfoundland T'Railway Council
Development and Rural Renewal - Support for development of groomed snowmobile trail system

December 8
Education - Air quality issues in province's schools

December 9
Fisheries and Aquaculture- Project to study all aspects of cod farming
Forest Resource and Agrifoods - New conservation officers program
Work, Services and Transportation- Future provision of passenger and freight service to coastal Labrador

December 10
Education - Term 17 update
Executive Council - Human Rights Day

December 11
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Markets for dried squid
Forest Resource and Aqrifoods - School Milk Program
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Report on Southlands delayed until January

December 12
Development and Rural Renewal - Information technology advances in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - 1997 Silviculture Program

December 15
Executive Council - Tribute to former Chief Justice Noel Goodridge
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Property assessments
Health - Results of First Ministers meetings
Minister Responsible for Labrador - Government's response to crisis in Black Tickle
Education - First Ministers endorse vision for Canadian youth
Education - Private training institutions

December 16
Finance - Use of affidavits in combination with the Red Book valuation system
Response to Auditors General's Report

December 17
Industry, Trade and Technology, Works, Services and Transportation - Public Tender Act Consultation Process
Executive Council - TAGS Program

December 18
Education - Funding for new camp at Northwest Pond for Girl Guides of Canada
Health - Update on negortiations between government and the NLMA
Executive Council - Lower Churchill
Tourism,Culture and Recreation - Update on parks privatization initiative

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