Statements 2000 - By Date

March, April, May, December


March 15
Mines and Energy - 2000 Call for Bids
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Poultry industry in province

Environment and Labour - Shellfish asthma in fish processing plants

Forest Resources and Agrifoods - 4-H Week

March 21
Industry, Trade and Technology - Developments in technology sector 
Education - Funding announced for graphing technology in senior high schools 
Justice - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 
Health and Community Services - Funding announced for Janeway Hostel

March 23
Industry, Trade and Technology - Globe 2000 trade fair and international conference, March 26-30, Vancouver

Education - Skip-a-lunch day
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Fisheries Forum 2000: A Forum on Sustainability and Viability

March 27
Works, Services and Transportation - Awarding of Straits ferry tender
Health and Community Services - Report on provincial territorial meeting of ministers of health
Forest Resources and Agrifoods -Horticulture initiatives

March 28
Executive Council - Graduate recruitment
Education - Additional $25,000 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Health and Community Services - Launch of "Kick the Nic" program and update on Teen Tobacco Team

March 29
Works, Services and Transportation - Province awarded contract to provide water bomber services to North Carolina
Health and Community Services - Funding announced for health research

March 30
Industry, Trade and Technology - Success Works
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Dairy farming industry
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - "The Rooms"


April 3
Health and Community Services - Provincial and territorial ministers of health meet
Environment and Labour - Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Awards
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Project update on construction of Civic Centre

April 4
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Capital investment in 2000 by Corner Brook Pulp and Paper

April 5
Education - Ministerial Panel report released
Health and Community Services - Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut sign Memorandum of Understanding
Environment and Labour - International Labour Organization's Convention to eliminate the worst forms of child labour

April 6
Health and Community Services - Site selections for Community Youth Network
Industry Trade and Technology - Trade initiatives
Executive Council - Visitor delegation from Greenland

April 10
Mines and Energy - Government will not approve request for Hibernia oil production increase
Industry, Trade and Technology - Export Development Corporation to open office in province
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Legacy Nature Trust Inauguration
Human Resources and Employment - National Volunteer Week, April 9-16
Education - Read-In 2000 and Library Week 2000

April 11
Government Services and Lands - Residential Tenancies Act
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Westvale Farm, Goulds wins Daphne Taylor Milk Quality Award of Excellence

April 12
Justice - Tobacco Legislation
Forest Resources and Agrifoods -Provincial habitat conservation initiatives - National Wildlife Week, April 9-15
Works, Services and Transportation - Sale of King George V Building

April 13
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Snow crab management plan
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Funding announced through Disaster Financial Assistance Program
Health and Community Services - Funding announced for new cancer centre in the Western Region


May 1
Health and Community Services - Summer Hospital Bed Closures
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - National Forestry Week

May 2
Mines and Energy - Revised estimates of offshore petroleum reserves and discovered resources
Human Resources and Employment - Program to encourage young women to seek careers in mining
Health and Community Services - Genetic research in Newfoundland and Labrador

May 3
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Housing Export Outlook Seminar for the United States
Works, Services and Transportation - Road realignment at Colony of Avalon Archaeological Site, Ferryland
Industry, Trade and Technology - Housing Export Outlook Seminar for the United States

May 4
Executive Council - Opening Doors Program
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - 2000 Fire Season Declared

May 8
Mines and Energy - Mining Week May 8 - May 14

May 9
Education - Community access centres

May 10
Executive Council - Condolences on the death of Canon George Earle
Environment and Labour - Winners of Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Awards
Health and Community Services - Local researchers leading the way in preventing cervical cancer

May 11
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Code of Ethics for our province's fish harvesters
Health and Community Services - Contract with ambulance operators
Industry, Trade and Technology - Team Canada Atlantic trade mission
Education - Tutoring for Tuition
Government Services and Lands - Proposed changes to locked in retirement funds
Human Resources and Employment - Tourism Careers for Youth


December 4
Executive Council
- Passing of Raymond Guy
Finance - Mid-year financial report
Executive Council - Liquor Control Act
Mines and Energy - Update on Churchill River Project
Executive Council - Freedom of Information Act
Executive Council - Regionalization
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Main River

December 5
Health and Community Services - Amendments to tobacco legislation
Justice - Health Care Cost Recovery
Industry, Trade and Technology - Establishment of new business in province
Justice - White Ribbon Campaign

December 6
Justice - New Chief of Police for Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
Government Services and Lands - Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Executive Council - Anniversary of Montreal Massacre

December 7
Health and Community Services - Update on the Innu children of Davis Inlet
Justice - Inquires to be held into Little Catalina shooting and North Atlantic Refining deaths
Development and Rural Renewal - Rural Forum 2001
Environment and Labour - Legislation to amend parental leave provision of Labour Standards Act
Works, Services and Transportation - Christmas Lights Across Canada ceremony

December 11
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Fishery performance for 2000
Health and Community Services - Health expenditure trends
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Learn Not To Burn

December 12
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Funding for Canadian Sealers Association
Justice - Freedom of Information Act review
Works, Services and Transportation - Trans Labrador Highway projects
Mines and Energy - Call for Bids regarding 2000 land sale results

December 13
Mines and Energy - Silicon smelter initiative
Human Resources and Employment - Single Parent Employment Support Program
Executive Council - United Nations Decade of Peace and 60th Anniversary of the Atlantic Charter

December 14
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Christmas tree and wreath industries
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Northern Coastal Labrador Strategic Infrastructure Program
Mines and Energy - Mineral Exploration Assistance Program

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