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Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2000

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January 10
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister guest speaker at St. John's Northwest Rotary Club luncheon January 11

January 11
Newfoundland and Labrador Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board - New executive director appointed

January 14
Cod farming results show economic potential

January 28
Utilizing marine by-products focus of conference

NOTE TO EDITORS - Provincial and federal ministers to hold news conference, January 31

January 31
Canada and Newfoundland sign Memorandum of Understanding  on emerging fisheries development


February 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister available to media, February 8 

February 9
Minister comments on statements regarding small boat fishermen

February 24
Minister announces major fisheries forum


March 2
Minister expects positive market response at Boston Seafood Show

March 10
NOTE TO EDITORS: Fisheries Forum 2000

March 22
Additional funding announced for quality assurance initiatives

March 23
Ministerial Statement - Fisheries Forum 2000: A Forum on Sustainability and Viability

March 28
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister available to media, March 29, St. John's Subject: Upcoming seal hunt 

March 29
Minister comments on upcoming seal harvest


April 13
Ministerial Statement - Snow crab management plan

April 20
Aquaculture sector continues to strengthen


May 4
Minister to speak at Thyme with the Chefs dinner at the College of North Atlantic Bay St. George Campus in Stephenville

May 11
Ministerial Statement - Code of Ethics for our province's fish harvesters


June 8
Fisheries diversification projects will help strengthen industry

June 13
Minister insists adjacency principle remain in Northern shrimp fishery

June 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media briefing, June 14, Subject: Upcoming Northern shrimp management plan

June 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister available to discuss details of Northern shrimp management plan, June 15

June 16
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, June 16, Subject: Response to P.E.I. Northern shrimp quota
Industry, union join Efford in condemning Dhaliwal’s decision on the Northern Shrimp Plan

June 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media briefing, June 20, Subject: Update on shrimp quota

June 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister will be guest speaker at Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Fire Chiefs and Firefighters, June 25
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, June 26, Subject: announcement on new fisheries ventures for Coastal Labrador

June 26
New fisheries initiatives for Coastal Labrador


July 4
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, July 4, Subject: Quality grading program for cod fishery
New cod grading program another step forward in quality efforts

July 5
Minister says DFO neglecting its fisheries responsibility

July 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media briefing, July 18, Warm water temperature and cod yields

July 21
NOTE TO EDITORS: News briefing, July 21, Subject: Processing of cod in province
Agreement on cod fishery will address quality issue
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Minister available to media following a meeting with federal Fisheries Minister, July 22

July 24
Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister John Efford comments on funding for Black Tickle
Eel project to determine commercial feasibility

July 26
Warning issued on transporting fish


August 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: Photo Opportunity,  Minister Efford, August 9


September 21
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to address Rotary Club of Toronto, September 22


October 10
Fisheries diversification projects receive support

October 11
New programs will strengthen mussel industry

October 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, October 17, St. John's, Subject: Quality performance in fishery
Harvesters, processors commended for quality efforts

October 20
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister guest speaker at Youth and the Oceans conference, October 20, St. John's

October 31
Minister congratulates staff member on receiving a lifetime achievement award


November 1
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to hold news conference, November 1, St. John's

November 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Parliamentary secretary guest speaker at opening ceremonies of Marine Show 2000, November 23, St. John's


December 11
Ministerial Statement - Fishery performance for 2000

December 12
Ministerial Statement - Funding for Canadian Sealers Association


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