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Week of : January 8 - 14, 1996

January 8
House of Assembly Select Committee on Children's Interests to hold hearings, January 15 to 19

January 9
No releases

January 10
John Efford, MHA - Port de Grave, to hold news conference today
Another caribou hunting zone opens in Labrador

January 11
Sport Newfoundland and Labrador - Volleyball association registration deadline for provincial championships
Environmental assessment bulletin issued
Ministerial statement - Swearing in of Innu peacekeepers as supernumerary constables in Davis Inlet
Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation -Introduction of French Language Elementary Science Curriculum

January 12
Another new caribou hunting zone established and opened in Labrador
Revised schedule for hearings of the Select Committee on Children's Interests
Highway initiatives for 1996/97 announced
Deadline approaching for Festival 500

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