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March 27, 2019

Provincial Government Exploring Further Ways to Improve Safety for Motorists on Veterans Memorial Highway

The Department of Transportation and Works is working with 3M Canada to conduct a no-cost exploratory review of the Veterans Memorial Highway.

Local experts from 3M Canada will assess the highway to identify areas that could benefit from enhanced signage or other applications involving high-visibility materials that increase safety, especially at night or during inclement weather.

High-visibility highway markings and signage are widely acknowledged within the transportation safety sector for their effectiveness in increasing driver situational awareness and guiding safe driving practices.

The review is expected to be completed this spring. Once complete, 3M Canada will present its findings to the department and a public procurement process will be undertaken in response to the recommendations as appropriate.

3M Canada’s review will complement work already underway to improve safety for motorists on the highway, including the creation of additional ramps at the Valley Road interchange on Route 70 in Carbonear, centre line rumble strips and the addition of climbing lanes along Route 75 between the Trans-Canada Highway and the Bay Roberts Interchange at Country Road.

“We certainly welcome 3M’s offer to review the Veterans Memorial Highway for opportunities to increase visibility of signage and other important markings for drivers. I look forward to reviewing the findings, which may complement the work already underway to add much-needed safety upgrades to the highway. That said, we continue to urge everyone to reduce speeds, put away cellphones and pay attention while driving on all highways.”
Honourable Steve Crocker
Minister of Transportation and Works

“For over 75 years, 3M Canada has been committed and passionate about getting drivers home safely to their families. Our review of this major corridor will aim to improve roadway safety for drivers in the region, both today and into the future.”
Tanya Mailhot
3M Canada

“The Veterans Memorial Highway is used by thousands of people every day travelling in the district of Harbour Grace - Port De Grave. I look forward to this work that will aim to help make this roadway safer for all area constituents and visitors. We are listening to the people.”
Pam Parsons
MHA for Harbour Grace - Port de Grave

“The Veterans Memorial Highway is a vital road for commuting and commerce in Newfoundland and Labrador. 3M Canada has proven itself to be an innovator and I look forward to their findings as they pursue ways to improve safety for motorists. This review is about commitments to safety and prudent financial management. Residents of Harbour Main will not have to pay one cent for this innovative review.”
Betty Parsley
MHA for Harbour Main

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