Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
September 16, 2019

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner – Report A-2019-024 Released

The Information and Privacy Commissioner, Michael Harvey, has released his Report A-2019-024 under authority of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015. A summary of the Report is included below.

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Report Date:September 13, 2019
Public Body:Town of Stephenville
Summary: The Applicant made a request to the Town of Stephenville for copies of declarations of conflict of interest (disclosure statements) by the Town Councillors and senior employees for the previous five years. The Town refused the request, stating that the records were withheld under section 22 (published material) of the ATIPPA, 2015. The Applicant requested this Office review the Town’s decision. During the investigation by this Office it became apparent that there had been a misunderstanding regarding the interpretation of the Applicant’s request. Once this was clarified, the Town further claimed the exceptions to disclosure under section 40 (disclosure harmful to personal privacy) and advised that the documents had been reviewed during a privileged meeting (section 28, local public body confidences). The Commissioner determined that the Town’s initial claim of section 22 was moot. The Commissioner further determined that section 28 did not apply to the requested records, however it was determined that the disclosure statements were appropriately withheld under section 40.

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