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April 15, 2019

Provincial Government Seeks Expressions of Interest for Renewable Energy Solutions in Isolated Diesel Communities

The Provincial Government, in partnership with Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, is seeking Expressions of Interest for renewable energy solutions in the province’s regulated isolated diesel-powered electricity systems. The Expressions of Interest can be found at

The Expressions of Interest aims to:

  • Introduce sustainable, renewable energy solutions, reducing costs and carbon emissions;
  • Support community and Indigenous participation in energy solutions; and
  • Leverage federal funding available for reducing diesel energy in rural and remote communities.

Ensuring isolated communities have access to adequate, reliable and affordable energy is multifaceted. Consultation and partnership with local communities, governments and Indigenous organizations will be an important part of the process. Their energy concerns and preferred solutions will be important in identifying the best opportunities for renewable energy solutions.

The Expressions of Interest is consistent with the Provincial Government’s ongoing efforts to manage the cost impacts of the Muskrat Falls Project, as a reduction in diesel fuel consumption supports a reduction of the ratepayer-funded rural deficit subsidy.

Seeking Expressions of Interest also supports the Minister of Natural Resource’s mandate to encourage diverse energy sources in communities isolated from the primary power grid as well as commitments in The Way Forward to build a renewable future.

The Way Forward outlines all actions the Provincial Government is taking to achieve a strong, diversified province with a high standard of living, and can be viewed at

“Government is looking to find reliable, cost-effective, renewable energy solutions for isolated diesel communities to encourage more diverse distributed energy generation and less reliance on diesel. This Expression of Interest process will be used in long-term planning for the isolated diesel systems as well as in the process of developing our renewable energy plan.”
Honourable Siobhan Coady
Minister of Natural Resources

"At Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, we know our customers are counting on us to provide reliable power that balances cost. We remain committed to reducing reliance on diesel generation in the isolated diesel communities we serve. We look forward to the input and information that will be gathered through this process regarding viable options for more renewable energy options in our diesel communities."
Jennifer Williams
President Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

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