Municipal Affairs and Environment
August 5, 2019

Environmental Assessment Bulletin

The Honourable Lisa Dempster, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, has announced the following events relative to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Protection Act.


Lethbridge Dairy Farm                                                                                    (Reg. 2040)
Proponent: Riverbend Dairy Ltd. 

The proponent is proposing to develop approximately 64 hectares of land for forage production at an existing dairy farm located along Route 233 in Lethbridge. Construction will include clearing and grubbing of land with a commitment to maintain a vegetated buffer around all water bodies and to avoid vegetation clearing during migratory birds nesting season. Soil amendments such as limestone, fertilizers and dairy manure will be applied to the cleared land.

The undertaking was registered on July 29, 2019; the deadline for public comments is September 9, 2019; and the Minister’s decision is due by September 12, 2019.

Grand Falls-Windsor Zip Line and Trails                                                        (Reg. 2041)
Proponent: Town of Grand Falls-Windsor

As part of its river front development, the proponent is proposing walking trails and zip line towers on the Exploits River, located on the south side of the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor. The trails will link to the town via a suspension bridge over the Exploits River, and the zip line will include eight runs over the river.

The undertaking was registered on July 31, 2019; the deadline for public comments is September 9, 2019; and the minister’s decision is due by September 14, 2019.

Come By Chance Refinery Crude Efficiency and Flexibility Project       (Reg. 2042)
Proponent: NARL Refining Limited

The proponent proposes to install upgrades to its crude unit to allow for processing of light, sweet crudes at the refinery in Come By Chance. The project proposes to improve energy efficiency, environmental performance, cut-points and increased crude throughput rates. Upgrades include a pre-fractionation column, four expanded capacity heat exchangers, a new overhead drum system with integrated de-salting, two overhead condensers, and an economizing pre-heat exchanger for the existing debutanizer column.  

The undertaking was registered on August 1, 2019; the deadline for public comments is September 9, 2019; and the minister’s decision is due by September 15, 2019.


Spaniard’s Bay Quarry Expansion                                                       (Reg. 2020)  
Proponent: Concord Paving Limited 

Labrador City Metal Recycling Facility                                                (Reg. 2026)  
Proponent: Newco Metal and Auto Recycling 

Freshwater Bay Cottage Access Road                                                (Reg. 2027)  
Proponent: Ryan McDonald 

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