Municipal Affairs and Environment
June 21, 2019

Environmental Assessment Bulletin

The Honourable Lisa Dempster, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, has announced the following events relative to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Protection Act.


TCH near Glovertown Septic Waste Treatment Facility (Reg. 2030)
Proponent: Feltham’s Construction Ltd.

The proponent is planning to construct and operate a treatment facility for septic tank waste located off the TCH near Glovertown. There is an existing road to the proposed location and the proponent intends to operate seasonally from May to November, treating approximately 130,000 gallons of tank wastewater per year.

The undertaking was registered on June 18, 2019; the deadline for public comments is July 26, 2019; and the minister’s decision is due by August 2, 2019.

Crown Zone 8 (Districts 17 & 18) Forestry Operating Plan Amendment (2018-2022)
Proponent: Department of Fisheries and Land Resources (Reg. 2029)

The proponent has proposed an amendment to the Zone 8 Five-Year Operating Plan (2018-2022) for Districts 17 and 18. Planning Zone 8 extends from the community of St. Anthony in the north to Gros Morne National Park in the south. The amendment includes commercial harvesting and the construction of seven kilometres of forest access road. The road is required to access 905 hectares of timber where populations of spruce budworm have been identified.

The undertaking was registered on June 12, 2019; the deadline for public comments is July 26, 2019; and the minister’s decision is due by July 27, 2019.


Valentine Gold Project (Reg. 2015)
Proponent: Marathon Gold Corporation

The minister has advised the proponent that an environmental impact statement (EIS) is required for this project. Additional information must be provided to describe hydroelectric dams and reservoirs, archaeological impacts, an alternate access route and power transmission line, fish and wildlife, climate change considerations, and other environmental components. An environmental assessment committee will be appointed to provide scientific and technical advice to the minister and to prepare draft guidelines for conducting the EIS. The public will be invited to provide comment on the draft guidelines. For further information on this project, contact Eric Watton, Environmental Scientist, at (709) 729-0834 or email


Crémaillère Harbour Marine Port Development (Reg. 1933)
Proponent: Great Northern Port Inc.

The project is released subject to the following conditions:

  • Prior to commencing ore storage at the site, the proponent is required to inform the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment of test results identifying the acid generating potential of the ore to be stored. A proper containment system must be installed along with the appropriate runoff collection, monitoring and treatment systems. This activity may require a Certificate of Approval. For further information, please contact the Pollution Prevention Division at 709-729-6771.
  • Prior to any clearing activities, the proponent shall conduct surveys for avifauna such as the Short-eared Owl. The Forestry and Wildlife Division shall be consulted regarding permitting and survey methodology and informed on survey results, which shall be incorporated into an Avifauna Management Plan. For further information, please contact the Forestry and Wildlife Division at 709-637-2043.
  • Prior to construction, the proponent shall submit to the satisfaction of the Department of Transportation and Works, a traffic impact statement which outlines the projected volumes of traffic and types of vehicles expected along with any necessary road construction or upgrades as a result of this development. A traffic impact statement will be required for each of three phases of the project. For further information, please contact the Department of Transportation and Works at 709-635-4132.
  • The proponent shall prepare an Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) for each of Phases I, II and III of the project, as defined in the revised EPR. Each EPP shall be submitted to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment and receive the Minister’s approval prior to the start of construction. Each EPP shall describe all environmental protection and mitigation measures that will be applied during the construction and operation of the facilities and infrastructure associated with that phase of the project.

Baie Verte Microbrewery (Reg. 2006)
Proponent: Saltbox Brewhouse Inc.

South Brook Cottage (Reg. 2014)
Proponent: David Anstey

  • The proponent must maintain a minimum 50-metre undisturbed vegetated buffer along South Brook and a minimum 30-metre undisturbed vegetated buffer along all other waterbodies and wetlands to protect sensitive riparian and aquatic species and their habitat.

Glovertown Area Farm Abattoir (Reg. 2018)
Proponent: Chaulk's Area Farm Abattoir

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