Justice and Public Safety
March 5, 2019

The following statement was given today in the House of Assembly by the Honourable Andrew Parsons, Minister of Justice and Public Safety:

Survivors of Sexual Violence Learning Legal Rights Through Support Service

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to stand here today to mark the success of the Sexual Violence Legal Support Service. A program that in its first six months of operation has served over 50 clients.

When someone is exposed to sexual violence, the experience can be life altering and the impact profound. We recognize that survivors of sexual violence need support on many levels — and they need to know their options.

Mr. Speaker, the Sexual Violence Legal Support Service trained 20 lawyers who provide up to four free hours of legal advice to survivors of sexual violence and is available anywhere in the province and by phone or e-mail for those who experienced sexual violence here but are now living elsewhere.

The program is a partnership with the Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre and was made possible through federal funding. The success of this program can largely be attributed to Kevin O'Shea and Nicole Kieley. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for making this service possible -- for helping survivors, who are primarily women, regain a sense of control.

Mr. Speaker, I know there is still work to be done to expand the service as we further our goal of increasing access to justice for all. This government is committed to that work.

Thank you.

2019 03 05                              1:55 p.m.