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August 6, 2018

Update Provided on Road Work for 2018 Construction Season

Significant progress has been made toward achieving key provincial highway infrastructure goals so far this construction season.

The Five-Year Provincial Roads Plan, updated in February, prioritized projects to be completed over the following five years and are ranked on factors such as safety, traffic volume, and input from the department’s engineers, and users of provincial roads and highways

Budget 2018 allocated $77.2 million for the plan this year. Status updates for projects scheduled for 2018-19 can be found in the attached backgrounder.

Highlights include:

  • Work to reconfigure the Kenmount Road interchange at Team Gushue Highway and the paving of the highway between Kenmount Road and Topsail Road;
  • Construction of the approaches to the new Sir Robert Bond Bridge and a new diamond interchange at the Botwood Highway; and
  • The recently completed repaved sections of the Trans-Canada Highway between Goobies and Clarenville.

Paving on the Trans-Labrador Highway from north of Lodge Bay towards Cartwright Junction is continuing this season. The highway is also being widened between Charlottetown Junction and Cartwright Junction. A contract to widen and upgrade an 80-kilometre section of the highway between Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Cartwright Junction was recently awarded. This work is expected to start later this season.

In addition, a tender is expected to be issued in the coming weeks to begin work to enhance safety along Veterans Memorial Highway. Announced earlier this summer, the project will include the creation of additional ramps at the Valley Road interchange on Route 70 in Carbonear, as well as the addition of rumble strips and climbing lanes along Route 75, between the Trans-Canada Highway and the Bay Roberts Interchange at Country Road.

A list of active road construction projects can be found at

These initiatives deliver on commitments in The Way Forward to strengthen the province’s economic foundation, and deliver better services and better outcomes for residents. The Way Forward outlines all actions the Provincial Government is taking to achieve a strong, diversified province with a high standard of living, and can be viewed at

“Our five-year roads plan addresses important highway infrastructure, helps contractors know what projects are planned, and lets residents know when we plan to improve their roads. I am proud of the progress being made on our highway infrastructure projects for 2018 and look forward to projects being completed this construction season.”
Honourable Steve Crocker
Minister of Transportation and Works

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Projects completed include:

  • Mill and fill and repaving sections of the TCH between Goobies and Clarenville
  • Mill and fill 2.5 kilometres of Route 3 (Robert E. Howlett Memorial Drive) between Raymond’s Bridge and Route 10
  • Pulverizing and repaving on Route 91 (Old Placentia Highway) from St. Catherine’s to North Harbour Road (Nine Mile Road)
  • Replacing three culverts on Route 220 (Burin Peninsula Highway) near Fortune
  • Upgrading and repaving on Route 230 (Bonavista Peninsula Highway) from intersection with Route 233 (Clode Sound Highway) to intersection Route 234 (Winterbrook Road)
  • Replacing various sections of guiderail on Route 392 (Little Bay Road)
  • Installing erosion protection on Route 490 (Stephenville Access Road) near Bay St. George long-term care facility

Projects underway and/or nearing completion:

  • Replacing culvert on TCH near Little Rapids
  • Repairing the CN Viaduct on Route 2 (Pitts Memorial Drive) near St. John’s
  • Mill and fill from Ruth Avenue to Seal Cove on Route 2 (Pitts Memorial Drive/Peacekeepers Way)
  • Replacing Renews Harbour Bridge on Route 10 (Southern Shore Highway)
  • Upgrading and paving Route 70 (Conception Bay North Highway) in Harbour Grace, from Bristol’s Hope Intersection to CHVO Drive
  • Replacing Freshwater Pond Brook Bridge on Route 70 (Conception Bay North Highway) near Clown’s Cove
  • Pulverizing and paving Route 70 (Conception Bay North Highway) from Route 80 towards Caplin Cove (Flambro Head)
  • Pulverizing and repaving on Route 74 (Heart’s Content Highway) from Heart’s Content Barrens to Victoria
  • Pulverizing and upgrading/repaving Route 80 (Trinity South Highway) near New Chelsea - New Melbourne and improving/realigning Pond Road intersection sightlines
  • Replacing Brownsdale River Bridge on Route 80 (Trinity South Highway)
  • Resurfacing on Route 80 (Trinity South Highway) near Blaketown
  • Replacing culvert on Route 201 (Chapel Arm - Bellevue Road) near Chance Cove
  • Upgrading and repaving two sections of Route 210 (Burin Peninsula Highway) from Grand Beach through Grand Bank
  • Repairing frost bumps on Route 210 (Burin Peninsula Highway) between Clam Brook and Boat Harbour
  • Replacing culvert on Route 212 (Bay L’Argent Road) near Harbour Mille
  • Replacing culverts on Route 214 (Monkstown Road) and Route 211-10 near Terrenceville
  • Upgrading (realigning/slope stabilization and guide rail extensions) on Route 220 (Burin Peninsula Highway) between Fortune and Grand Bank
  • Replacing two culverts on Route 231 (Random Island Road)
  • Replacing a culvert on Route 231-17-2 (Hickman’s Harbour Road)
  • Upgrading and repaving on Route 238 (Elliston Road) from Route 230 intersection through Elliston to Route 230 Intersection in Bonavista
  • Upgrading and paving on Route 320 (Bonavista North Highway) from Greenspond towards New-Wes-Valley
  • Levelling and paving on Route 350 (Botwood Highway)
  • Upgrading and repaving various sections of Route 352 (Fortune Harbour Road)
  • Resurfacing Route 370 (Buchans Highway) from Buchans Junction towards Buchans
  • Replacing culvert on Route 413 (Burlington Road) at Cross Country
  • Upgrading and paving Route 414 (La Scie Road)
  • Replacing culvert on Route 415 (Nipper’s Harbour Road) at Buxom Brook
  • Replacing culverts on Route 420 (White Bay South Highway) along Jackson’s Arm Road
  • Extending paving on Route 420 (White Bay South Highway) near Hampton
  • Pulverizing/paving, ditching and replacing culverts on Route 420 (White Bay South Highway) from Hampden exit to Main River Bridge
  • Levelling and patching on Route 433 (Englee Highway) from Roddickton to Englee
  • Upgrading on Route 434 (Conche Road)
  • Mill and fill on Route 440 (Bay of Islands North Highway) from Ballam Bridge to McIvers
  • Widening and repaving on Route 460 (Hansen Memorial Highway) from Noels Pond
  • to Brookside
  • Replacing culverts on Route 470 (La Poile Highway)
  • Rehabilitating Herring Hole Brook Bridge (Bottom Brook) on Route 470 (La Poile Highway)
  • Rehabilitating Seal Brook Bridge on Route 480 (Burgeo Highway)
  • Resurfacing of Mary’s Harbour Access Road, Route 510 (Labrador South Highway)

Projects beginning in the coming days and weeks include:

  • Replacing West Bottom Brook bridge on TCH near South Brook
  • Mill and fill eastbound and westbound lanes on the TCH between St. John’s and Whitbourne
  • Replacing Old Woman’s Brook Bridge on Route 10 (Southern Shore Highway) near Renews
  • Rehabilitating Quarry Brook Bridge on Route 60 (Conception Bay Highway)
  • Rehabilitating North Arm Bridge #2 on Route 60 (Conception Bay Highway) near Holyrood
  • Mill and fill from TCH to Victoria on Route 75 (Veteran’s Memorial Highway)

2018 08 06                              2:00 p.m.