Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation
February 14, 2018

Improving Efficiency through Innovative Processes at Anaconda Mining

The Honourable Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, as well as Brian Warr, MHA for Baie Verte - Green Bay, today toured Anaconda Mining to view the innovative techniques used to mine narrow vein gold deposits. Minister Mitchelmore also highlighted Anaconda’s success in the Lean Manufacturing Productivity Program. This is the latest in a number of technology tours by representatives of the Provincial Government.

As a leading company in Lean’s Central Continuous Improvement Network, Anaconda Mining has achieved efficiency improvements, delivery of products with the shortest lead time, best quality and lowest costs. Since initiating Lean through the Manufacturing Productivity Program, Anaconda has taken on 40-45 Lean 5S projects, contributing to a company-wide record for through put peaking at 1,500 tons - up 750 tons since 2010. In addition, Anaconda is a leader in promoting partnership and collaboration between industry, government and academia with a focus on increasing regional and provincial capacity within their sector.

Minister Mitchelmore and MHA Warr also viewed the innovative approach used by the company to mine narrow vein gold deposits. In June 2017, the Provincial Government announced $520,000 for this innovative technology to help Anaconda develop, prototype and optimize a new excavation system to access narrow vein type deposits that could not be mined cost-effectively with then-existing technologies. ACOA also supported this project with a $1.5 million investment.

As part of this tour, Anaconda also showcased its progress made possible from a $400,000 repayable loan under the Business Investment Program, and a $100,000 investment through the Business Development Support Program that was announced in June 2016. This funding was used to expand operations, support productivity through the construction of a control room and ore shed, and purchase a core crusher/automation.

The Provincial Government is committed to supporting innovation and technology in the province. As part of The Way Forward vision, in the coming weeks the Provincial Government will join with the technology sector in hosting a Technology Summit including the release of an action plan to further support the industry.

“I applaud Anaconda’s commitment to advancing innovation and efficiency throughout their operation. The progress of their innovative technical solution in narrow vein gold deposit excavation has allowed Anaconda to become a global leader in the industry. I also commend the company’s effort to adapt the Lean principle, allowing them to be much more competitive while reducing cost. Through techniques such as Lean, and the Business Innovation Agenda, government continues to be focused on fostering innovation across our province.”
Honourable Christopher Mitchelmore
Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation

“Anaconda has fostered a culture of innovation and “out of the box” thinking for a very long time. This mindset has been a catalyst for our growth and the unique ideas that we generate at site. Ideas like working with our service provider, Guy J Bailey, to turn our waste into a revenue generator by crushing and selling it as a construction aggregate product. We continue to employ Lean Principles as a foundation for continuous improvement at the Point Rousse Project and the rest of our company. The combined operations have benefitted enormously by adopting lean thinking and empowering employees to identify and implement new ideas to improve safety, productivity and the work environment. On a grander scale, we’re involved with Memorial University, ACOA, IRAP and InnovateNL on developing a new technology to economically mine underground narrow, stranded vein deposits. We are very pleased to host the Minister of Culture, Tourism, Industry and Innovation and show him a Newfoundland mining project on the cutting edge of innovation.”
Allan Cramm
VP Innovation & Development, Anaconda Mining Inc.

“Mining is one of the oldest and most significant contributors to the economy of the Baie Verte Peninsula. Anaconda Mining is a major employer in the region and the company’s charitable contributions to communities are significant. Anaconda Mining has made remarkable progress in improving productivity and reducing costs at its Pine Cove Mine and Mill, and is an example of how innovative thinking and practices can help sustain and diversify rural economies.”
Brian Warr,
MHA for Baie Verte - Green Bay

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