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February 7, 2018

Innovating Production Processes to Increase Workplace Efficiency

Colin Holloway, Parliamentary Secretary for Municipal Affairs and Environment and MHA for Terra Nova, on behalf of the Honourable Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, today toured Chatman’s Bakery to view the progress of a $152,354 investment by the Provincial Government to develop a customized semi-automated peanut butter ball production cell. This is the latest in a number of technology tours of companies by representatives of the Provincial Government.

Working with other necessary processing equipment, this new production cell allows for the input of raw material, resulting in a finished product that is ready for packaging. The implementation of this innovative production process produced significant savings, increased production capacity, and provided access to new national markets.

Chatman’s Bakery brand and facilities are owned and operated by Goulding’s Wholesale Limited, and currently employ 55 people.

The Provincial Government is committed to supporting innovation and technology in the province. As part of The Way Forward vision, in the coming weeks the Provincial Government will join with the technology sector in hosting a Technology Summit including the release of an action plan to further support the industry.

“Led by the NL Innovation Council, government is focused on fostering innovation across our province and building on the Business Innovation Agenda. This investment will increase production, enhance efficiency, and reduce operational cost to help produce Chatman’s Bakery world famous peanut butter balls. Today’s announcement is a wonderful example that innovation is not limited to traditional sectors, or restricted to the St. John’s area. I commend operator Goulding’s Wholesale on their commitment to innovation in our province, as they continue to adopt processes and technologies, such as the LEAN techniques, to grow and augment its production.”
Honourable Christopher Mitchelmore
Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation

“Starting as a small bakery in Charlottetown in 1979, Chatman’s Bakery is a true example of how innovative thinking and a willingness to diversify can give a rural business an edge in a highly competitive industry. With a 7,000 square foot facility and a growing product line, Chatman’s Bakery has increased its markets while never compromising their commitment to providing customers with a quality product. The company is an important employer in the region and a great supporter of countless groups and organizations though the Chatman’s Bakery Fundraising Program.”
Colin Holloway
Parliamentary Secretary for Municipal Affairs and Environment and MHA for Terra Nova

“The Provincial Government, through funding initiatives, has enabled our company to develop and introduce new technology. This technology has improved our manufacturing process and production capabilities, which will be conducive in helping us acquire new business opportunities and a successful future"
Roxanne Weinheber
Goulding’s Wholesale Limited

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Roxanne Weinheber
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2018 02 07                              11:50 a.m.