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February 5, 2018

Increased Fines Under the Highway Traffic Act Effective Today

Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act that increase penalties for a number of offences are now in effect.

As of February 5, the minimum fine for infractions such as driving without a valid licence; failing to provide proof of insurance; illegal vehicle modifications; and driving without clearing snow from a windshield is increased to $100. The maximum fines have also been increased. A complete list of the offences and the new penalties is included in the backgrounder below.

The amendments to the legislation were announced in November and build upon other measures taken by the Provincial Government to improve road safety, such as the recent changes to impaired driving legislation, increased penalties for excessive speeding, stunting and street racing, and changes that allow charges to be laid against the owner of a vehicle that illegally passes a school bus or is found to be speeding in school zones or construction zones.

“People who commit these offences put themselves and other members of the public at risk every day. Raising these fines is a means of deterring these unsafe practices on our roadways, and is part of our government’s ongoing efforts to improve road safety in our province.”
Honourable Sherry Gambin-Walsh
Minister of Service NL

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Summary of Bill 13 – An Act to Amend the Highway Traffic Act

Section of HTADescription of OffencePrevious FineFine as of February 5, 2018
29Failure to produce vehicle licence25100100175
30Identification plates not securely fastened in proper position25100100175
31Failure to keep identification plates clean25100100175
39Failure to notify registrar of change of name25100100175
42(a)(iii)Operating a vehicle contrary to paragraph 10(1)(d)25100100175
43(4)No licence for class of motor vehicle

Second offence

43(5)Invalid or no driver's licence

Second offence

49(2)Licensee failing to produce licence upon request25100100175
50(2)Failure to return or deliver licence25100100175
57Failure to notify registrar of lost driver's licence25100100175
75(5)(c)Failure to produce proof that a policy is in force25100100175
100(2)Vehicle proceeding at less than normal speed not driving in right hand lane45180100235
111(1)Slow driving45180100235
144(o)Failure to observe traffic-control device prohibiting parking or stopping2090100170
155(c)Driving motor vehicle with windshield, so covered with snow as to obscure or obstruct vision45180100235
187(5)Operating vehicle without proper equipment or of improper construction2090100170
196(2)Failure to comply with vehicle inspection requirements60120100160

2018 02 05                              2:45 p.m.