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January 3, 2018

New Fines for Illegal Blue Zone Parking Effective Today

Amendments to the Designated Mobility Impaired Parking Regulations under the Highway Traffic Act related to illegally parking in a ‘blue zone’ come into force today.

Effective today, the minimum fine for illegally parking in a ‘blue zone’ parking space anywhere in the province is increased from $100 to $400. The maximum fine is now $700.

The changes to the regulations were announced on October, along with amendments to the Buildings Accessibility Regulations that will come into effect in April 2018.

These amendments represent the first step in government’s two-phased approach to addressing issues around buildings accessibility. The second phase will be a review of the Buildings Accessibility Act.

“Improving accessibility is a key component of our government’s commitment to ensuring inclusion and equity for all. Illegal parking in blue zone spaces makes it more difficult for people with mobility impairments to fully participate in their community. Increasing fines is an effective means of deterring these offences, as shown when the City of St. John’s did so within their jurisdiction in 2012.”
Honourable Sherry Gambin-Walsh
Minister of Service NL

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Amendments will Improve Accessibility and Equity for All Persons:

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