Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
July 4, 2018

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner – Report A-2018-015 Released

The Information and Privacy Commissioner, Donovan Molloy, has released his Report A-2018-015 under authority of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015. A summary of the Report is included below.

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Report Date:July 3, 2018
Public Body:City of St. John’s
Summary: The Applicant made a request to the City of St. John’s regarding the award of a contract for vending machine services. The Third Party filed a complaint with this Office objecting to the release of its information pursuant to section 39 of the ATIPPA, 2015 (disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party). The Commissioner determined that section 39 did not apply, and recommended disclosure of the information. The Commissioner also commented upon the City’s decision to notify third parties despite having concluded categorically that section 39 did not apply.

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Senior Access and Privacy Analyst

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