Municipal Affairs and Environment
November 5, 2018

New Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Used Oil and Glycol Supports Environmental Protection

The Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) and the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment are working together to initiate an industry-managed used oil and glycol recycling program that will protect the environment and strengthen recycling and waste services for residents and communities. Through an extended responsibility producer program, industry producers of used oil and glycol will be responsible for their products from the point of production through to post-consumer recycling.

The Waste Management Regulations and Used Oil Control Regulations have been amended to support the program, which includes used oil containers and filters, glycol and glycol containers. The regulations can be viewed at

Changes to the regulations require brand owners to manage the end-of-life treatment of their products. Alternatively, brand owners may appoint an agent such as the used oil management association to do this on their behalf. The industry association would be responsible for developing, financing and managing the collection, recycling and safe disposal of used oil and glycol products. Funding for the program will come from fees paid by industry members to the approved program operator(s) and the cost to manage the program will be managed and built into the cost of products by industry.

The industry association or other stakeholder organizations that wish to administer the program will be required to submit plans to the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board by February 20, 2019, to ensure industry compliance with provincial regulations.

“We are deeply committed to protecting the environment and yet we also recognize the need to protect consumers from not being tasked with the cost for disposing of used oil and glycol. We will continue to work with the recycling and waste industries to strengthen the level of services to which residents have access and to protect our soil and water from contaminants.”
Honourable Andrew Parsons
Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment

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